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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Lips Reviews loved "Noblesword"


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Title: Noblesword
Author: Katalina Leon
Publisher: Ellora's Cave 
Genre: BDSM
Publication date: July 10, 2009
ISBN: 9781419921414
Pages: 187
Series: N/A
Reviewer: Victoria

Heat Level:  BDSM, anal sex, f/f interaction, menage, bondage


Gwen Bel Geddes is at a crossroads in life.  On the brink of divorcing her lifelong love, she wonders why she keeps finding mail and assorted things from Noblesword Vineyards around their house.  Too curious to think these are mere coincidences, Gwen decides to investigate what her husband has been up to. Discovering Noblesword Vineyards is not a winery, Gwen is dismayed to find out her husband has been a client of an exclusive pleasure resort.  Wanting to know what Noblesword is all about, Gwen decides to become one of its women.  Will she be shocked by what she sees or revel in her new-found sexuality? 

From the moment Gwen greets Miss Chantal in the Noblesword cellar, she will never be the same again.  Katalina Leon’s Noblesword isn’t for every reader, but if you love erotic journeys full of kink, be sure to pick up this title!  Deep down Gwen wonders what she did and said during her marriage to Jeff that drove him to Noblesword Vineyards.  Looking at first for ‘dirt’ on her husband to use against him in their impending divorce, she never imagined all the things she’d have to do while a courtesan within its walls. 

Her first assignment as a novitiate is to be blindfolded and presented to a roomful of men, which frightens Gwen all the way to her toes!  Approached by a mysterious man, Gwen is given a night of love that would melt the most frigid soul.  In the morning, still reeling from the shock of the night, Gwen is thrust into more situations that test the way in which she looks at not only herself but her marriage and life as a whole.  While at Noblesword, Gwen continues to experience and participate in sexual trysts she could never have imagined, including one red hot ménage with another female and male pair intent on breaking through her boundaries.   

Ms. Leon’s Noblesword is a place of many secrets, which are revealed like a flower opening up its petals towards the sun.  I enjoyed all the multi-dimensional characters in Noblesword, and would welcome a sequel set in these decadent vineyards.  Savor the way Gwen opens herself up to all kinds of erotic possibilities, reassessing all she wants out of life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Romance Studio reviews loved Adult Education!


Adult Education

Katalina Leon
Available from 
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419923784
August 2009

Miranda and Stefan were once student and teacher. She had always fantasized about him; yet, because of his honor, he would not touch her then. Yet, this is now. Will things change? I'll let you, the soon-to-be reader, discover what happens when they are reunited.

This was the first time that I had read any of Ms. Leon's work. I loved the way the story was written, and the way the she made it flow along. I also loved the conflicting emotions that came from Miranda, the way her heart wanted one thing, but her head was telling her another; the dialogue between her and Stefan, and the way she wrote both of them. The situation which brought Miranda and Stefan back into contact, while straight out of fantasy, was one which (in my oh-so-humble-opinon) could have actually happened. I can promise you that I loved "Adult Education" far more than I thought I would, and I will most asuredly be recommending it to everyone that I know that loves some dominance included in thier romace; and "Adult Education" will be permanently placed within the mountain of books that is labeled "to be read". If you are looking for a BDSM romance that you feel as though everything in it could actually happen to you, please, by all means, read this particular book.

Overall rating
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Alyna Couture
October 19, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Seriously Reviewed Loved "Adult Education"

Thank you Seriously Reviewed For reviewing my Ellora's Cave Quickie "Adult Education" I'm so happy you loved it! Thank you so much.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven Sexy Scribes

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Night Owl Romance 4.5 hearts


Street Date: 2009-07-10

Katalina Leon Website
Erotic Romance
Review Date:Aug 23, 2009
Print Book Price:
E-Book Price:$6.99
Publisher:Ellora's Cave
Score: (4.5 out of 5)

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Night Owl Romance: Reviewer Top Pick

Noblesword by Katalina Leon follows Gwen Bel Geddes along her journey of rediscovery as she recovers from the disillusionment of having her marriage dissolve after her daughter leaves home for college.  Gwen feels betrayed by her husband Jeff who has apparently abandoned their relationship in search of a partner or partners who are more adventurous in their sexual experimentation.  Gwen initially applies to be admitted to the select coterie of participants at Noblesword in order to learn who or what has attracted her ex-husband so strongly but discovers that she herself wants to experience the excitement and spice of participating as a submissive.  She is accepted on a trial basis and undergoes several rituals designed to introduce a novitiate to the sexual boutique that is Noblesword.   Shackled and blindfolded, Gwen becomes her alter-ego Shiraz, discovers a heightened sense of sensuality and finds that by giving up responsibility to an anonymous faceless lover, she can rediscover her own sexuality.  The varied sexual experiences that the weekend provides allow Gwen to rediscover her artistic and hedonistic sides and change her life forever.

Noblesword a sizzling erotic tale that follows one woman’s introduction to the world of bondage and discipline while demonstrating the breadth of personalities that are attracted to the B&D lifestyle.  Gwen is forced to explore her sexuality by observing and participating both passively and actively in heterosexual and homosexual encounters and she tests her borders in an experience that seems tailor-made for her.  A very hot read, keep the fan handy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adult Education Available now!

"Adult Education" is available now! From Ellora's Cave/Jasmine Jade Enterprises.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Monday, August 17, 2009

New Blog! Six Sexy Scribes.

Hello, I'm joining a co-op blog with five other fabulous authors. Please visit me at "Six Sexy Scribes"
I'll be blogging every Wednesday at Six Sexy Scribes and posting some of those blogs here. Join the fun. Come over and leave a comment.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adult Education Blurb

Adult Education

Katalina Leon

Miranda has always had a thing for leather and a burning desire for her favorite professor and ideal man, Stefan Hewson. The sumptuous temptations of leather strike hard when she finds herself on a dreary job assignment at her old college, locked in a coat closet with a man’s luscious leather coat. Her fantasies run even hotter when the sexy owner shows up and catches her fondling his leather. It turns out Professor Hewson has been carrying a torch for her and he’s more than willing to show her who’s in charge of the class. Miranda’s not the only one who’s love-struck and harboring scorching-hot bondage and leather fantasies. The handsome professor is ready to add a few creative footnotes of his own…

"Adult Education"

My new Quickie "Adult Education" will be released by Ellora's Cave, Friday August 28!