Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sizzling Reviews thought Sugar Roux Voodoo sizzled!

Sizzling Reviews gave Sugar Roux Voodoo 5 Hearts!

Being a beneficent voodoo priestess with a gift of seeing the future doesn’t always guarantee happiness; but the love of a good man does!
New Orleans, 1834. Lark La Beau is a green-eyed beauty and respected beneficent voodoo priestess with the sometimes uncooperative gift of clairvoyance. Captain Valcour Curry is a debonair, larger-than-life buccaneer with ambition to burn and a taste for fine things. Following a whirlwind romance with Lark, he disappears at sea, leaving Lark with a riverboat and a child to rear—alone.
A guilty act of piracy causes Valcour to fall victim to a shapeshifting magician who practices the dark art of soul-swapping. For five years Valcour has been enslaved as an emotionless zombie with no memory of his loved ones or past. From dusk to dawn he is cursed to toil in the cane fields while the evil magician uses his soul to lure women and have his brutal way with them.
Lark will risk hell and journey to the oppressive Broken Oak Plantation to break the curse. It’s a terrifying place. Her only tools to call Valcour’s lost soul back to life are voodoo and the sensual power of love.
Lark La Beau was an orphaned white child who was taken in by a creole voodoo priestess and taught the ways of voodoo. She grew up with the love of Mathilde, her surrogate mother, and learned the teaching of harming no one. During a visit to help ill citizens of New Orleans, Lark meets Captain Valcour Curry and her life changes. She quickly falls in love with him and they begin to make plans for their future, but Valcour decides to take one last pirate adventure out of greed and disappears from Lark’s life, leaving behind a small child and a broken heart.

Sugar Roux Voodoo is a wonderful story about the power of love and forgiveness. Lark learns that it wasn’t by choice that Valcour is missing but his soul has been captured by an evil voodoo magician and is forced to seek out other souls to capture. Payne, the evil voodoo magician is able to exchange bodies and souls with his prisoners, using up their life force. Lark’s love for Valcour is what saves him and allows him and the rest of the prisoners’ freedom. But Valcour also has to learn to forgive himself for the bad choices that he made in his life in order to truly be free of the voodoo spell.

Sugar Roux Voodoo is a passionate love story about two characters who accept each other for who they are, even with their failings. It is a wonderful read filled with suspense and action. I really enjoyed how Katalina Leon shared the back story with the reader by weaving it into the current action. I would love to see more books where Mr. Payne tries again to capture the souls of others and how love conquers all.

Sugar Roux Voodoo will cast a spell on you and make you believe in happily ever after! Read it today!