Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

RED BAR HOP: Warning Hot and Sinful thoughts will follow....Read a sample scene from Noblesword

RED BAR HOP: 18+ Warning Hot and Sinful thoughts will follow.... Giveaway below!
Read a sample scene from Noblesword, part of the Hot and Sinful Nights Boxed Set.

Noblesword is an exclusive club where members can express their sexuality freely in a safe environment. Gwen has gone into the club undercover as a submissive to find out what the big appeal was to her soon-to-be-ex husband. 

In this scene, she has agreed to be blindfolded, cuffed to the headboard and given to a sensuous man who seems to do everything right. Ready for a spicy excerpt from Noblesword?

....The man’s calloused hands reached out to reassuringly caress her hips. He bent to kiss the rounded top of each cheek. She felt herself relaxing under his gentle attention as his warm lips kissed her skin. Once again, his thumbs strayed into the tiny dimples above her ass and explored them. He seemed fascinated with these delicate details as his breathing sped up.
Was this “Mr. B,” whom Pyra had mentioned rewarded cushy, willing bottoms with diamonds?
The mattress dipped on one side of her as he reached past her and slid the nightstand drawer open. She heard him retrieve something from the drawer that buzzed softly. What was it? A sound like a plastic cap snapping open was followed by a squirt of liquid. Turning her head, she tugged against the restraints to better hear what he was doing. A smooth, round object the size of a tiny egg was rolled against her thigh. It began to buzz and she realized it was a vibrator. He lifted her hips higher on the stack of pillows and carefully tucked it deep inside her wet pussy.
She bit down on her lip as the sleek little vibrator slid easily inside. Its faint hum could be felt all through her lower body. The vibration steadily increased and she assumed he had used a remote control to dial it up a few notches. Within moments, her senses were hijacked by pleasure and her ass wagged in the air. Just as the pleasure soared higher, reaching a peak, the dial was turned down, and he kept the vibration level turned fairly low.
The sense that she was a heartbeat away from a beautiful climax remained tantalizingly close. The feeling was subtle but exquisite as she ground her hips shamelessly against the stacked pillows, wishing he would turn the vibration level higher. Pleasure held her captive and she melted over the pillows without further complaints.

This man was an expert tease. He let her lie there buzzing softly as his hands tenderly drifted over her ass. As the erotic heat built inside her, she realized she was more than willing to let him go a little further.
Seemingly, he read her mind and gave her bottom a playful smack. He walked away, and the familiar creak of the bathroom cabinet hinge opening and closing pinpointed his location and competed with her own soft buzzing. One would think that in a swank place like this someone would squirt a little oil on that rusty hinge.
He padded toward the bed, snapped a plastic cap open, and drizzled a thin cascade of cool viscous liquid over her ass. He spread the lubricant over her. It was thick as motor oil and smelled of lavender. His hands slid across her curves and spread it around in wide circles until she was slick with it. He rubbed the lubricant over her haunches in slow circles, savoring her roundness with his hands. When he was satisfied her bottom was well-oiled, he delivered a sharp slap with his broad hand.
“Whoa!” She yelped more from the surprise of the sound than the force of the slap.
His breathing sped up. Obviously, he wanted to spank her. Did he also want her bottom to turn pink under his hand? The thought excited her.

He gave the roundest part of her butt a stinging slap with a cupped hand. Her skin warmed and her bottom smarted. Rising heat crept all the way up to her face, and she knew she was blushing. She shouldn’t be letting him do this; it could get out of control too easily. This was too dangerous, ridiculous, intimate, and primal.
Rubbing his hand in slow circles to soothe her, he lifted her hips higher before spanking her again. Smack! His hand swatted the soft curve where her rump met her thigh. Smack! He chose his target carefully, making her flesh bounce under his palm.
She gasped indignantly between swats, but she didn’t feel indignant. Grinding her forehead against the bedspread as the sensation rippled upward, she was startled by how fast the blood raced to her core, afraid to even question the dark, erotic place this act brought her to. Her fingers toyed with the restraints; she was overwhelmed by the intensity of her reaction and imagined what she looked like with her glossy ass thrust high into the air.
He spanked her until she tingled and a pleasurable heat built. Tugging against the cuffs, she was embarrassed for squirming so badly under his determined hand. Abruptly, he stopped and hovered over her with heat rolling off his skin.
Her skin glowed hot. He panted quietly behind her, apparently reacting strongly to the sight of her shiny ass jiggling in the air. Once again, the plastic cap snapped open, followed a few seconds later by the sensation of a slick cock sliding across the curves of her slippery skin.
Her nerves danced when she felt his first probing touch. His breathing deepened. He clutched her hips, pulling her toward him. The underside of his cock glided over her the top of her ass and made a gentle sawing motion back and forth between her round cheeks, teasing her anus. A touch of panic and an odd excitement rang inside her.

Making deep, pleasured sounds, he aggressively rubbed himself against her ass, leaving no doubt about what he intended to do. Plumping the pillows beneath her, he lifted her hips higher and reached for something. The click of his teeth meeting and a wrapper being ripped was followed by the snap of stretched latex.
A slick thumb probed her, pressing against her tight ring of muscle. The head of his cock bumped against her anus to warn her that she would be taken. She flinched at the slight invasion. “I’ve never…,” she timidly reminded him.
He continued to gently circle the ring with his thumb and drizzled more lubricant on her until his thumb slid easily inside.
She tensed at having this almost virgin part of her taken. He held his thumb inside her to let her become accustomed to being stretched and turned up the vibration level of the egg. As the vibrations intensified, a thrill shot through her. Her hips bucked involuntarily and she impaled herself on his thumb, letting her hips rock slowly against his hand.
This wasn’t bad—it was exciting! When he slid his thumb from her body, she clutched at it longingly, wanting to be filled again. She was proud of herself that she had been able to go that far.
The slick tip of his cock rubbed against her ass and a soft sound of approval crossed his lips. He pressed the head of his cock against her, testing her. His breathing became shallow as he guided the head to her opening and pressed down. Her tight ring of muscle didn’t want to give and she tensed at the pressure. She twisted in the restraints, afraid of the pain but curious.
With the light stroke of his hands around her waist, he coaxed her to relax. One hand slid to the back of her neck and held her still while he positioned himself to penetrate her. He sensed she was scared and gently stroked her nape as if she were a cherished pet. Using his other hand, he carefully guided himself inside her. The head of his cock was too thick to slide in easily. He persistently pressed against her, waiting for her to relax against his stroke. Forced to practice patience and self-control, he grunted guttural sounds and couldn’t hide how eager he was.
The cap was snapped open. More cool liquid was drizzled on them both. His hand cupped her hip as he pushed the head of his cock past her threshold.
The first downward stroke stung. A small cry escaped her. Her impulse was to pull away from him like a drop of water jumping off a hot griddle, but he held her still beneath him as the first searing burn passed through her. His body tensed at being caught in her tight ring. Panting but not moving, he seemed to be struggling to keep himself under control. He let her get used to the sensation of being stretched before he even took a deep breath. Caressing the back of her neck, he pressed down, slowly working his way into her.

Willing herself to relax, she lifted her hips and he slid farther. She sighed with relief. There was no additional pain for the deeper stroke. In fact, it was easily bearable.
He clutched her hips and held still inside her before taking her with a couple of long, slow strokes. The sounds of his pleasure were immense and his hands slightly trembled. When he slid across the vibrating egg buried deep inside her, the breath rushed out of him. The egg’s vibrations easily passed through her warm interior. He was playing with fire as he slowly worked his length into her, and celebrated one particularly deep stroke by slapping her ass with an open palm.

The initial burning had crossed into a feeling of forbidden excitement. She slid back against him, reveling in the sensation of being filled and enjoying his thrusts deep inside her. His cock bumped against the tiny vibrator. She had never realized that such a thin layer of silky tissue divided the two parts of her. In her mind they had always been foreign territory to each other, but obviously they were not.
His strokes slowed. He sank deep and then pulsed his hips against her. With legs shaking, he attempted to remain still inside her but apparently his willpower gave out. “I have to fuck you.” He clutched her hips, and pinned her to the pillows. His thrusts were fast and deliberate. She ground against the pillows, panting, and tried to ride the wave of excitement he had built as he pumped furiously against her. As he came, he roared as if he had been scalded with boiling water.
Her muscles gripped desperately at the buzzing egg, but it was turned too low to carry her over the edge; it could only torment but not finish her off. She lay beneath him, waiting, needing her own release. He wilted on top of her and lay still, breathing hard.
Eventually, he slid free of her, then walked away. The faucet in the bathroom sink squeaked as it was turned on. He splashed as he washed. He returned to the bed with a warm cloth to clean her, gentle and careful as he removed the vibrating egg. She was his to use, and he had used her masterfully, but she was still on fire.....

There's lots more folks! Noblesword is a full-length 92k novel that will take you on a wild ride of one woman's journey into the realms of sexual self-discovery. Available Exclusively in the Hot and Sinful Nights Limited Edition Boxed Set. 


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