Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lord Griffin's Prize is Available Today!

The Emerald Isle Fantasies series is growing with more to come!
Emerald Isle Fantasies Blurb:
When guests check into the historic Castle Tullamore Hotel they expect bucolic scenery and luxurious service. What they don't anticipate is along with the 5 star accommodations they'll also get drawn into lots of otherworldly Irish mischief and erotic enchantment.

At Tullamore there are ghostly lovers, griffin-shifters, vampires, selkies, witches and werewolves waiting to lure the lonely and the adventurous into forbidden realms. The castle grounds are riddled with time portals where the unwitting can experience vivid adventures in other timelines. For the most part the hotel appears to be just a lovely Irish castle until things get wild and reality drops from underfoot like a swinging trapdoor.

Lord Griffin's Prize is available now from Ellora's Cave.

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Rebecca Royce "Crimson Lust"available July 17th.

Dena Garson "Ghostly Persuasions" coming July 12th!

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