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Sirens and Scales
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

New in Print! The Succulent Anthology from Ellora's Cave.

The first volume of the Succulent Anthology from Ellora's Cave is available now in print! Five juicy stories rolled in to one. This is a great way to enjoy something new and sample a talented author you may not be familiar with. I hope everyone will enjoy this!
Here's a little taste:
Georgia Peach by Lena Matthews
Dissatisfied with his life, Thayne Gerling takes a trip back toCalifornia to see his former lover Harris Dayan in hopes of picking up where they left off. Unfortunately for him, Harris has already moved on with Shay Ramneil, a sexy, voluptuous Southern belle from Georgia who he calls his Peach.

For Harris, the visit not only allows him to see his friend, but he also gets to finally bury their past. Even though Harris still craves Thayne’s touch, he refuses to open his heart up to the other man again. However, as far as Shay is concerned, two is company and three is a party. Just imagining the three of them making love is enough to get her pulse pounding.

Thayne wasn’t sure why his relationship with Harris hadn’t been quite right, but he now realizes Shay might be the missing ingredient to turn their duo into a trio. All he has to do now is convince Harris to let him take a bite out of his Georgia Peach.
Blue Apples by Katalina Leon
Gala is an elite Captain of Dianndra’s guard and a proud owner of a male harem. When she volunteers to go on a treacherous mission into enemy territory to steal aphrodisiac fruit and defy an ancient foe, she has no idea what this act of trespass will cost her.

Lord Veren and his lover, Markeen, are gorgeous swords for hire and warriors supreme. Like all Vertanians they are bigger, stronger, braver, and brighter, but they spawn only male children and face a culture in decline. They need female companions. How fortunate for them when they discover a beautiful lust-intoxicated Dianndran wandering in their orchard.

The warriors capture Gala and carry her into their fortress for a night of shared lust that may change two ancient cultures forever.
Lion's Bower by Margaret L. Carter
Diera invades a mysterious sorcerer’s garden, searching for her brother. She plans to offer herself in exchange for her brother’s life and a healing potion to cure his sick child. When she meets the sorcerer, she is shocked to discover that he is half man, half beast and she expects him to kill her. Instead, he seduces her and demands that she become his mate.

Inflamed by the magical berries he uses to brew love potions and lulled by his sensual aura, Diera finds deep sexual pleasure and unexpected joy in her new life. But when she awakens from the trance of desire, doubt and fear creep in. She realizes that she must choose—her home and family, or the sexy beast.
Flesh and Shadows by Kim Knox
Flesh-fruit—priceless delicacy, forbidden fruit…

Rand has a secret. Bitten by one of the deadly shadow-snakes, he’s changed and will go to any length to see that he remains in charge of his planet—and the flesh-fruit harvest—including using his alien abilities to convince Agent Niamh Sullivan to lie to her superiors. His plan is simple, but what he doesn’t realize is that his venom is an aphrodisiac. With it, Rand has become irresistible.

Now Niamh must deny their overwhelming mutual attraction. But as their need for each other spirals out of control, the danger becomes apparent. Rand will take her humanity, take who and what she is. Niamh has to make the choice. Turn him in. Or succumb to his potent, forbidden temptation.
Papaya Paradise by Brigit Zahara
Hawaii has always been known as a hot spot but Kayla really starts to feel the heat when she and her two best friends Ty and Justin visit Papaya Paradise, a sprawling, oceanfront B&B property that the trio is hoping to purchase.

While a blind man could see that the estate’s owner is on fire for her, Kayla is bewildered then whipped into a sultry state when she discovers that Ty and Justin have been secretly burning for each other. And her.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's out!

Today's the day! "Nice Package" has been released by Ellora's Cave and it's ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed at your leisure-if there is any such thing as leisure at this time of year.
I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a beautiful New Year!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Excerpt of "Nice Package"

      Copyright © KATALINA LEON, 2010
        All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Cora knew if the bra she wore didn’t kill her she would have to kill the bra. She leaned over the sink full of warm soapy dishes and attempted to discreetly adjust the razor-thin satin straps from beneath her snug cashmere sweater. The racy new bra looked so pretty this morning. Its shades of scarlet trim made it the perfect festive choice for Christmas day, but at the end of many long happy hours it turned on her and showed its vicious side. The bra had a biting underwire and nasty little straps that cut into her shoulders. It was not her friend even though it was beautiful and its delicate lace cups had gleamed a lush crimson in the lingerie store and promised to be a pleasant holiday companion, but it wasn’t. Its true nature had been exposed. The bra had a cruel streak and it had to go.
She stopped washing crystal goblets and removed her rubber gloves so she could reach under her favorite pearl-embroidered red sweater without soaking it. Her damp hands ran the length of the pinching underwire, hoping to locate the exact trouble spot and free her tortured breasts.
“Let me help you.” A big, warm male body pressed against her back and wrapped his arms round her waist. His hands reached upward to gently cup her breasts. “I love how sexy you look wearing this tight sweater.” His warm breath tickled her ear. “Quite fuckable.”
She quickly turned to shush her husband. “Be careful, Jim,” she whispered. “We don’t want the kids hearing that.”
Jim leaned over her shoulder, mischief lit deep within his warm brown eyes. “There are no kids.” He paused. “They just left. My parents took them for the weekend. All the cousins are going to meet at the cabin tomorrow to go snow sledding. Everyone already drove away while you were tidying the kitchen.” He smiled. “We have Christmas night completely to ourselves.”
“Really?” She turned in Jim’s arms to face him, rose on tiptoes and kissed his lips. “Are we meeting the family at the cabin tomorrow?”
“No, we have other plans.”
Her brows dipped. Was everyone truly gone? “I didn’t even say goodnight to anyone or thank them for a lovely Christmas.” She impulsively dodged past Jim, hurried from the kitchen and stared with disbelief into a quiet living room filled with puddled cranberry candles and a sparkling Christmas tree. “They left so quietly, I didn’t even hear anyone leave.”
Jim’s grin crooked to the side the way it always did when he was plotting something silly or fun. His curved smile always gave his true intentions away. “That was part of the plan. We wanted to surprise you. You work so hard every year making the holidays a wonderful experience for all of us, I wanted to surprise you by doing something special just for you.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his heart, gently kissing the top of her head. “Let’s finish the dishes and I’ll let you in on a little of my plan.” He led her into the kitchen and gently maneuvered her in front of the sink.
She laughed softly. “I see your holiday plan includes me finishing the messy kitchen work no matter what.”
He pressed the length of his torso against her back and kissed the nape of her neck. “We can’t leave a sink full of dishes, we’re also going away.”
She twisted in Jim’s arms to look up at him. “Where are we going?”
“I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise.” His broad hands slid beneath her sweater and deftly unhooked her bra.
The snuggly fitted bra strap popped open. She instantly sighed with relief.
He pushed the bra upward, cupping her naked breasts and gently took hold of her nipples, giving each a gentle but firm tug. The rumpled sweater rose higher as his fingertips lovingly explored her rounded curves. His face nuzzled her hair and gently inhaled her perfume. “I like this scent. It’s crisp and clean. It suits you.” His lips brushed against the nape of her neck with a featherlight kiss, as his palms warmed her breasts. “Your skin is so soft.” He slowly rubbed his body longingly against her. “You feel so good,” he whispered. “I can’t stop touching you.” His hard cock pressed persistently against his trousers and firmly poked against her bottom. “Finish doing the dishes so I can take you into the living room and fuck you under the Christmas tree.”
“Are you joking?” She turned to face the sink and swished her fingers through the warm water searching for any stemware left behind. She picked up a goblet that still had a crimson lipstick stain on its rim.
“No, I’m not joking. I might as well tell you right now, part of your holiday surprise this weekend is that I get to have complete sexual control over you. You’ll do absolutely everything I say.”
She gasped in eager alarm and nearly dropped one of her favorite goblets into the sink. She’d been waiting a long time to hear those words, and now that the moment was finally here, she started wondering what would happen next. Her heart pounded with excitement. She loved it when Jim took charge of her and allowed her to be the pampered submissive. It was what she craved above all else, and it was thrilling to know he felt the same way.
She glanced over her shoulder and gazed into his eyes. A bright smile spread across her face. “We’ll see how well that works out for you. I have to warn you, I’ll only submit to the most clever and masterful hands.” She gently challenged him with her words and her eyes.
His eyes sparkled. “You’ve hinted more than once you were ready to play a few new games with me, and this is the time. We’re starting now.” His gaze fixed directly on hers. “I know you better than you might think. Give me credit for that. I know what you’ve dreamed about, hinted at and hoped for. I even know you enjoy a little anxiety and tension mixed together with your orgasms. Am I right?”
“What?” She wilted over the sink in mock shock. It was true. Her face grew warmer.
“I’ve watched you work yourself into a tense lather on many occasions just to get a bigger sexual thrill. I’ll tell you upfront, I might even spring a few shocking little surprises on you just for the pleasure of watching you writhe. I’ve also taken a good long look at those books you keep hidden on your side of the nightstand, and I know exactly what your fantasies are.”
“Do you?” She blushed furiously. Her gaze focused on the kitchen window above the sink. The window acted as a dark mirror, clearly reflecting her startled face and Jim’s confident expression. “I’m a reader. I’m open-minded. Erotic-romance is fun and exciting to read.” She nervously paused. “Jim they’re just books…”
He looked at their reflection in the window and caught her nervous gaze. “They’re very telling books. Very graphic books. To be honest, I’m as turned-on by them as you are, so there’s nothing to feel self-conscious about. Remember, I love you, Cora. You’re my fantasy girl, and I would never harm you or cross the line, but…” The warmth of his smiled faded and his expression became serious. “This weekend I will be completely in charge of you. Sexually you will be under my control. You will come or not at my discretion, and you will do my bidding.”
Her jaw dropped in disbelief at his words and tone. She glanced over her shoulder. “Merry Christmas, Jim. I hope you didn’t discuss this part of the holiday surprise with your parents.” Her face grew warmer. She was both embarrassed and thrilled to have her secret love-slave fantasies taken seriously and brought into the open.
“Finish the dishes,” he commanded. His lips compressed to a tight line that refused to allow even the slightest hint of a smile to warm them.
Her body twisted toward him. She leaned against the edge of the countertop as she studied Jim’s inscrutable expression. What exactly did he have planned? His suddenly firm but secretive demeanor intrigued her. The determined set of his jaw told her he was ready to play bed Master. Good for her. She loved that game and hoped he was ready to expand on that familiar and beloved role. This was a great opportunity. They both worked so hard, and the boys demanded so much of their time most evenings they didn’t have the privacy or the energy to play at all. On a good night, they simply shared lazy but satisfying sex, rolled over and immediately fell asleep. She was overjoyed Jim had planned a romantic and sexually adventurous weekend outing just for them. She had dreamed of this day, and quite frankly, it sounded too good to be true. Her naturally anxious tendencies kicked in. There had to be a catch? “What about the kids? Will they be all right? Does anyone even know where we’re going?”
“The kids will be fine, and don’t worry. Everyone knows where we’re going, but no one knows what we’ll be doing. This weekend is just for us.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Nice Package" has a new book trailer

Click here to see my new book trailer for "Nice Package" on Youtube.
Its brief just over a minute, the animation is fun to watch and Korsakov's music is lovely.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blurb: "Nice Package"

Christmas chaos is over at the Emerson’s house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning. Jim presents Cora with a big beautiful gift box she is forbidden to open.

What’s in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptation, tricky games and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she’s really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Loopers Wanted!

This is the time to join Seven Sexy Scribes "Chat Loop" We want to hear from you because we have a few ebooks to give away and great chats planned.
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Nice Package coming soon!

Nice Package will be available December 17th from Ellora's Cave Moderne Line. Just in time for the holidays. A little treat for naughty girls...

Two Books coming soon to print!

"Blue Apples" will soon be available in print as part of Ellora's Cave "Succulent" Anthology Volume One.
The Succulent anthology will include the very talented Brigit Zahara, Kim Knox, Margaret L. Carter, Lena Mathews and me.
I'll post a date as soon as I have one.
Also, "Noblesword" will be available in print in 2011!
I'm delighted and I'll post a date as soon as I have one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Ellora's Cave Book Contract!

I just got a book contract for a new holiday themed short novel. It's a fun, post Christmas romp for a burned out husband and wife who need a little time alone with each other and a big red box filled with erotic toys and temptations.
Here's the blurb for "Nice Package"

Christmas chaos is over for the Emersons but the real holiday fun is just beginning. Jim presents Cora with a big beautiful gift box she is forbidden to open. What’s in the crimson mystery box? Cora finds out, slowly and delightfully over a twenty-four hour period the box contains thrills, erotic toys and an amazing experience at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and renew them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she’ll thoroughly enjoy getting a Nice Package.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Siren Book Reviews gave "Owned By Rome" 5 Siren Stones!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Title: Owned By Rome
Author: Katalina Leon
Rating: Five Siren Stones
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genre: Historical
Word Count: 74,727
ISBN E-Book: 978-1419927843
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Owned by Rome is a steamy story right from the start and manages to continue that pace through to the very end. I enjoyed every moment of the tale and read it though in one sitting. The story stayed with me in the back of my mind throughout the day. I am sure that this is a story to be reread and savoured again at a later date.
The cover is definitely

appealing and the characters are to be loved. This is a tale of initiation to the delicacies of bondage and as such was wonderfully done. Atellus is a heartbreakingly sweet man, for a Roman soldier, and his slave Rutilla, is no man’s slave. The irony that he sets one slave, Janni, free, who is complacent in her role as a slave and yet refuses to free Rutilla, who so wishes to be free was not lost on me.
The excesses of the Roman celebrations were so well depicted that I was both appalled and disgusted. Rutilla’s story is one of pain and suffering and to see her work through it until she reaches a new understanding and finally happiness, is enough to bring the reader to tears. I would definitely recommend Katalina Leon’s Owned by Rome and will remember it for some time. Wonderfully done Ms. Leon, I enjoyed it immensely.

Posted by Siren Book Reviews at 10:48 PM


Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharon at Romance Writers Reviews says:

I enjoyed this book tremendously.  It was well written, the characters flowed together as a good book should and there was lots of romance and sex. Although this story only last over a weekend, it makes you feel like Lily and David had known each other much longer. Lily fit into Davids life, and although she was only looking for a “good time” she ends up with much more. To know what they develop you’ll have to read the book. It’s a must read as David is indeed “A Beautiful Stranger”.
4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Sharon

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Judith at Book Binge Loved "Owned By Rome"

This is another Wow! book from Katalina Leon, and having read several of her other books, I am not surprised. It is a step back into a time and culture about which contemporary readers seldom have the background to understand. That is not to put down contemporary romance readers; it is just a awareness that in our democratic identity, most American readers struggle with the realities of slavery as it existed nearly 2,000 years ago. The heroine is a beautiful, well-endowed, strong, and bitter woman. She has become a part of the spoils of war and her identity as a human being is gone. She is now property. And yet, she still knows that she is a person, a woman of power and worth, too proud to acquiese to the demeaning life into which she has been forced, willing to accept death rather than become manageable and used.

Even Atellus is bound by his culture--no surprise here. Even though he is smitten with her he still sees her within the context of a slave/master relationship as an amatrix of love slave, given to him to satisfy his physical needs. There is no doubt that historically many Roman men formed very strong and powerful bonds with their love slaves, yet these women were still slaves and lived or died at the whim of their masters. Rutila (not her true name but the one given her by her Roman captors), the Celtic slave, was unwilling to be one. She was prepared to kill any Roman who placed her in such a relationship and thus it was decreed that her last earthly act was to be gang raped and then killed--all while she was drugged to prevent any negative response on her part. Nice people, those Romans!! Even after Atellus rescues her from the slave market, even though their first night spent together is during her drugged state, Rutila is determined to escape Rome's clutches, even if it meant killing Atellus. Ultimately she has to make some decisions about whether she will more highly value her bitterness and anger, or will she see in Atellus a man who is honorable and whose values are not those of Rome, a man who sees her with the eyes of love.

Yet we still see in Atellus a man of honor, who faced the reality that his brother and sister-in-law were not nice people, were driven by greed and political ambition, and were willing even to cheat him--a member of their family and a Roman magistrate-- and the Empire to gain their goals. He was a man that saw what Rome was becoming, and when it was all laid out before him, was supremely happy to be away from the centers of the Empire's notice and power. He was a man who began to value Rutila as a person, a woman of personal determination--not just stubbornness--and who may or may not ever return his love. He was a loving father and a person who saw worth even in the serfs who worked the land, these were worthy of his regard and care.

In the midst of a society where only the upper classes were deemed persons of worth, two people come together in anger and bitterness, but also in love. How they reach some sort of resolution is the gist of this story. There is pain, hurt, anger, violence, betrayal and personal disappointment galore in this tale. There are no Elysian Fields here. Yet in spite of this backdrop of human emotions and the worst that people can do to one another emerges values, feelings, and a relationship that warm and encourage the human heart.

Katalina Leon brings a proven track record of literary and writing expertise to the telling of this story. She has crafted a plot that comes right out of the history books, but she has given birth to characters that are genuine and believable, exhibiting both the worst and the best of humanity. She has written in such a way that there will be few readers who read this story and are not deeply touched by the emotions and feelings of these ancient persons. Yet their story, while not set in contemporary contexts, still calls to all of us. Today there are still people of prejudice and greed, motivated by political and personal ambition, who pick up and discard others for their own selfish ends. There are still people of honor who refuse to go along with the status quo and who are able to see and appreciate people of all social strata as persons of worth. There are people who must endure the bitterness of disappointment and possibly abuse, and others who reach out to them in love and trust.

I liked this story very much. I own up to a particular liking for ancient history and thus stories set in those times are of particular interest to me. But I liked best that even in the ancient Roman context, the nature of human relationship was explored, and while this is labeled as erotic romance, it has great worth purely as historical fiction and as a work that can and will bring readers face to face with the deeper issues of life and love.

I give this book a 4.25 out of 5.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Seriously Reviewed took "Owned By Rome" seriously!

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Historical Erotic Romance
Review: Owned by Rome is an epic tale of lust, love betrayal, and forgiveness. There were so many facets of the story, that as it unfolded, I forgot that I was supposed to be reading a romance and simply enjoyed the historical detail. The author does such a brilliant job of weaving fact, fiction and hypothesis, that I was swept into the story and believed every word I read. Some of the things I loved most about the story were also aspects that some readers might not enjoy as much as I did. The romance is often overshadowed by the historical details. But the historical details are interesting.

The first third of the book reveals most about Atellus. There is a lot of telling of events that had already occurred. There was a build up of a certain aspect of the story that wasn’t at all what I expected to happen. So lots of twists and turns in the plot. The history of Atellus was also interesting, but Owned By Rome at times, read more like literature and was harder to lose myself in the story. There is an abundant use of Latin in the story, but the use is not confusing because Ms. Leon weaves words with clarity and context.

Once the story really picks up, after Rutila is introduced, the romance of the story is bittersweet. They are both damaged souls and need each other. But the wounds inflicted during turbulent times fester in Rutila. Atellus is gentle and patient, but also has darker needs. Rutila must forgive herself for living before she can open herself to accept Atellus’ love. And Atellus has to free the one woman who fires his soul. She won’t be owned by a Roman. But if he lets her go, he may never have her again.

Reading Owned by Rome will take you on an emotional journey and in the end you’ll be glad you read the story.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

TwoLips gave "Beautiful Stranger" 5 Kisses!

Book Image
Title: Beautiful Stranger
Author: Katalina Leon
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: May 22, 2010
ISBN: 9781419927287
Pages: 128
Series: N/A
Reviewer: LeAnn

Heat Level:  M/F - oral sex, masturbation, anal sex, light spanking

Lily Fontaine is turning forty-three!  What is she wishing for? After being divorced and alone for the last three years, Lily is getting lonely.  Working nights at the local television station and sleeping all day has left her social life lacking.  The thing she misses most is sex.  She just wants someone to have sex with, with no attachments afterwards. Lily comes up with the ultimate plan for her birthday sexcapade.  She is going to hire an escort and play all weekend. When the weekend is over, she will be satisfied and unattached. 
When Lily's best friend hears of her plans, she suggests a friend that she knows that lives in Lily’s home town of New Orleans.  Since Marion knows him and says he needs the money, Lily decides to return home and meet with David even though he is eleven years younger than her. 
Lily got her start in television on the local New Orleans station years ago and David has always had a crush on her.  So when Marion gets in touch with him and lets him know Lily is coming to town and needs to talk to him about a future production, he hopes he can get more than a talk from the beautiful woman. 
Marion has told them both different stories about why they are spending the weekend together, but they are both so attracted to each other they decide to go with it.  After a weekend of great, hot sex, will either be able to walk away?  Or will one weekend lead to a wonderful relationship? 
Katalina Leon, the author, must be from Louisiana, with her descriptive writing, she managed to bring to mind memories of a visit to New Orleans. I also loved the characters in this book.  They seem to be so compatible and made for each other.  Beautiful Stranger flowed from one scene to the next very smoothly and the love scenes were wonderful.  Ms. Leon was able to bring the true essence of a romance to life, starting with the meeting, the getting to know each other and the feelings developing, even if over such a short weekend.  How will they both react to those feelings?  I suggest you read this story to find out.  You won’t be disappointed!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday "Noblesword"!

This week I’m celebrating Noblesword’s first birthday. Noblesword was released July 10 2009 under Ellora’s Cave Exotika Line and remains my most widely popular book. I always enjoy hearing from female readers but with this book I actually hear from a few rare male readers as well.
I’m a bit obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “Vertigo”. It’s my favorite movie and after re-watching it one day I was inspired to write an obsessed character Gwen Bel Geddes and include elements of “Vertigo” in “Noblesword”. I wanted to create a fantasy realm where my characters could go for emotional healing, test their personal boundaries and flex their fantasies without judgment, guilt, harm to themselves or others and still survive the experience with their basic values intact. I wanted to put Gwen in emotional peril, bombard her with choices and see what happened. My operative thought was some of us need to be liberated from our self-inflicted limitations with a sledgehammer. Noblesword was Gwen’s sledgehammer. Not only does Gwen get a full-blown erotic experience, she also gets an education about what she really wants, does some deep self-reflection and restarts her life in a fresh direction. I won’t give away the surprises you’ll have to discover them for yourself.
As Mistress Chantal would say, “At Noblesword we know what you really want not what you say you want.”
And the only way to find out what you really want is to surrender yourself to Noblesword vineyards and be brave enough to take the ride.
Happy Birthday Noblesword!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Pen And Muse Loved "Owned BY Rome"

What I liked: First, I have to say how much I adore this cover. For me it simply sizzles from the screen and draws me in to learn more.

I don’t normally read a lot of historicals, but I am fascinated by ancient periods and especially the Romans. They were cruel, violent, deviant, loving, and among other things indulgent. And in Owned by Rome you see all of this. Atellus is a strong and noble hero that any woman would fall for and Rutila is the willful and strong type of heroine we’d all wish to be. In fact, all of the characters are richly drawn, from the disgusting cousin of Atellus to the slaves that wish to save Rutila from needless suffering when she faces death.

When I got to the end of this book I felt like I’d been on an epic journey. There were moments of highs and lows throughout that made it all very real. Atellus and Rutilla worked hard for their romance and I cheered them on the whole way. In the midst of fighting, hunger, and some emotional exhaustion there were some beautiful spicy moments. Some light bondage and domination elements are included as well.

The only issue that ever pulled me out of the story was some of the latin. While appropriate for the story, a bit less might have been easier on me as a reader. Still, I loved this story and highly recommend it and plan to check out more of Ms. Leon’s work.
 Reviewed by Eve Cassidy, The Pen And Muse, June 27 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Night Owl Reviews Gives "Owned By Rome" 5 Stars Recommended Read!

Maria at Night Owl Romance says:
I really loved this story by Ms. Leon, it was a fantastic blend of spicy romance with a very interesting historical setting. She clearly did her research for the time period. There were even some very light elements of bondage and dominance in the story.
The main character of this story was Atellus Dolabella, a Roman citizen, who has been assigned the position of Magistrate for the area of Belgica in Gaul. He is a widower who is lonely and has been spending most of his adult life dreaming of his first love, Columba, whose hand in marriage he was denied. This story basically covers the events that take him to visit his cousin and the woman of his dreams and the realization that what he had dreamed of as a child is no longer relevant in his life and that he no longer feels any ties to his Roman heritage - his homeland has changed and not for the better. He is disillusioned with the Rome that he is being presented with and realizes that he has come to identify more with the people of his province than with the Roman nobility that he had been raised with.
The heroine of this story is Rutila, she is a Celt and a slave. Her life has been very hard for the last three years and has been filled with anger and hatred toward Rome and all of its citizens. She has rebelled against her slavery in so many ways that her owners, Atellus’ cousin Plutonius and his wife Columba, plan to offer her as a sexual sacrifice at a feast that they are throwing and at the end she will be killed for entertainment. Rutila is prepared for this event by other servants and it is while she is being taken to the feast that Atellus first sees her and is drawn to her beauty and her fierce spirit. It is love at first sight for him, however, Rutila is only looking for another avenue of possible escape. He is able to demand that she be given to him as a slave due to how much money his cousin owes him.
Atellus is determined to bring Rutila to his home and install her as his personal servant/concubine. Their journey to his home is a growing experience for both of them. Atellus realizes what he wants in a future mate and gives up on his childish ideals and looks forward to building a real relationship with a woman. Rutila realizes that she can’t judge a man based on what his national background is alone, that each person must be judged on their own merits. She is finally able to understand that to get forgiveness; one must also be able to extend forgiveness. She also realizes that she is capable of giving and receiving love.
I totally loved how this story ended and look forward to reading more work from Ms. Leon. I highly recommend this spicy historical.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Night Owl Romance gave Beautiful Stranger 5 stars!

Jun 13, 2010

Ellora's Cave


eBook: $5.95


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VistaPrint - Save 25% to 75%Off All Products!
Author: Katalina Leon Website
Genre: Spicy RomanceCougar - OW, YM
Night Owl Top Pick
Read an Excerpt

Beautiful Stranger 
by Katalina Leon is 
what an erotic novel 
should be. The writing 
is tight, the plot well 
thought out and the 
story flows. I could 
see the scenes and 
the characters, 
hear the music 
and smell the bayou.
The heroine, 
Lily, is someone 
I'd like and get 
along with. 
She rang true 
and not like the 
usual heroine in 
an older woman 
younger man story. 
The hero, David, 
was everything a 
hero in an erotic 
novel should be, 
hot, sexy, 
and believable.
The sex scenes were 
not abrupt like a lot 
of books, and both 
the setting and 
the characters had 
a depth that pulled 
me into the story. 
My only complaint 
is the story wasn't 
long enough.
I definitely give 
this one a 5 and 
a recommended read.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Book Binge loved "Beautiful Stranger"

Judith, at Book Binge Reviews did a meticulous reading of my book and wrote a beautiful review.

Friday, June 4, 2010

"Owned By Rome" excerpt

“Owned By Rome” came out last Friday and I’ve already received lots of good and very constructive feedback. Yes, there are Latin words used in “Owned By Rome” but they are simple nouns and adjectives and once they are read in context the meaning is clear. The good news… I’ll never use this much Latin ever again!  I promise! Lol So here’s another excerpt from “Owned By Rome”. In this scene Atellus has foolishly decided it would be romantic to camp alone in the forest and live out a few of his favorite boyhood fantasies with his newest acquisition the Celtic slave-girl, Rutila. He sadly discovers how very uncooperative she is with his plan. A “torques” is a bronze slave collar, which Atellus has proudly put on Rutila. She gets caught trying to remove the collar. Atellus is very much in love with Rutila and has been struggling to get her to speak openly to him all day. He plans to win her over with kindness, a bon-fire and ermine bed-furs but his evening of seduction goes awry.
….He saw how bothered she was. “Rutila.” His gaze burned possessively. “Be sensible. The torques is to prevent ownership disputes. You belong to me now and I will tolerate no claims from others.” He had heard of unethical venalicius reselling the same servus numerous times to multiple unwitting owners. He would have none of that. She was his to keep, forever. Her pettish irritation over having to wear the torques made no sense to him. “I want you to understand the torques is a sign of my esteem. I do not want to lose you.” He spoke firmly. “Eat.”
“No.” She snapped at him. Her eyes flitted about the castra. “I eat with a pugio.” She was clearly disappointed no sharp objects had emerged from the packs.
He slowly shook his head no. “You also fight with a pugio. I deliberately provided finger foods and that’s how we will eat until we know and trust each other better. Now please eat something.” He grew impatient with her stubbornness. “You have eaten almost nothing today.”
She glared at him, broke free of his grip and scrambled to her feet. She dashed toward the hobbled pack mules, taking long, fast strides.
He was on his feet in a flash and chasing after her.
Rutila’s long legs were incredibly fast. She almost out ran him.
He caught up to her and grabbed her seconds before she reached the pack mules. He threw his arms around her and dragged her back to the fire. “That was a mistake.” He panted as he struggled to hold on to her writhing, leaping body. “I’m not a monster.” He breathlessly lugged her resisting body back to the castra. “I just want you to eat something.” He thought she was so beautiful just the way she was. He could even imagine her a little plumper. He certainly did not intend to see his beautiful ancilla waste away on the journey.
He picked up a leather tether from one of the packs and deftly tied his wrist to hers, so she could not bolt away. “Sit!” he ordered her in a booming voice. “Eat.”
She sat only because he pulled her down, but she did not eat. She scowled resentfully at the tether that linked them and scooted as far away as the short length of braided leather would allow.
He smiled, feeling victorious. He was hungry, so he ate. He poured himself a cup of wine with his free hand and watched her carefully from the corner of his eye, thinking her to be a very unpleasant dining companion.
She continually glared at him or frowned resentfully at the tether. Every time he refilled his wine cup, she smirked as if she enjoyed some private amusement he was not aware of. He tore the dried venison into narrow strips and chewed it up with his square white teeth and washed the venison down with a generous amount of wine.
She looked disgusted as he grew a bit tipsy.
The tether connecting their wrists was short. If he raised his cup to his lips or reached for a fig, her hand was forced to follow his motions. She was strung to him as if she were a resentful puppet, yet she refused to move any closer to him to lengthen the slack on the tether. Her lips turned downward. Clearly she hated the situation she was in.
He patted the ground beside him. “You could move closer.” He chuckled at her self-imposed predicament. “Who here is starving and refuses to eat out of sheer stubbornness? Let’s see a show of hands.” He smiled at her and raised his arm high above his head.
Of course Rutila’s hand went up involuntarily, though she struggled to pull downward on the tether. Her limp hand hovered high in the air.
He grinned at the sight of her raised hand. “I see you’re ready to admit you’re hungry.” His eyes gleamed from wine. He tossed a dried fig in her lap. “Eat it.”
She stared hatefully at the wrinkled fig, refusing to touch it.
His eyes sparkled with amusement. “Who here has the mind of a mule?” Again he raised his arm and her hand went up too, but this time he had to actually lift her weight off the ground, she heartily fought his actions. He laughed at her dour expression. The wine made his speech a bit sloppy. “By Jupiter, Rutila, you’re humorless!” He wished her attitude would warm just a little. He so longed for some contact or connection with her. “Am I the most formosus and virilis dominor you could wish for? You know that I am.” He burst into laughter. “So let’s see a show of hands.”
This time she was prepared for what was coming. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the tether before he could fully raise his arm and swiftly yanked the tether downward.
He was caught off guard and lurched forward onto his face, spilling his cup of wine onto the ground. He landed chin first in a puddle of wine. He looked up at her with an expression of smoldering disappointment.
Rutila tensed, as if waiting for him to lash out at her, threaten or strike her with his fist, but he didn’t. As dominor he knew he had to be above such petty provocations even if she wasn’t. He had to set an example. He recovered himself from the ground, sat straight and silently wiped his chin on his sleeve, but his heart silently burned with the dread of betrayal.
She seemed worried about what he might be thinking and he wasn’t ready to put her at ease. He wanted her to reconsider her actions. They sat in silence for some time before he decided to pack the food away and add more wood to the fire…

(These two do end up on the ermine bed-furs and much is revealed.)
If you haven’t seen the gorgeous book trailer my husband made for me please drop by my website and click “Owned By Rome”
XXOO Kat  “Owned By Rome” available now from Ellora’s Cave Legend Line.

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First excerpt from "Owned By Rome"

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from “Owned By Rome”, which takes place in ancient Gaul 64 AD. In this scene Atellus has just arrived at his cousin’s compound in Massilia and been ordered to clean up his “Celtic” appearance and not embarrass his cousin in front of a party of Roman dignitaries. Atellus is a widower who has been living on the western frontier for many years and has abandoned most Roman customs and now lives like a Celt. Upon his arrive in his compound he is offered the use of a beautiful “ancilla” or personal servant:
…Atellus was pampered that vesper. An herbed lamb was roasted in his honor and a pretty ancilla named Janni was sent to his cubiculum as a companion and tonstrix to groom him.
Janni had a gentle voice and pleasant attitude. She massaged his tense muscles with soft, patient hands and sweetly scented almond oil.
He luxuriated in the feeling. He had not enjoyed a woman’s pampering touch in a very long time and he was starved for it. It was a welcome distraction from his current tension and disappointment. If his woman-starved senses had not been so attuned to Janni’s soft curves and giving attitude, the massage might have lulled him to sleep. That couldn’t happen, not yet. As exhausted as he was, he knew sleep must wait. Janni had a task to complete and he had yet to bed her. There was no way he would allow himself to fall asleep before having that pleasure.
Janni cheerfully pursued her task. Her delicate hands expertly stroked a steel novacula against a cos until the sharp edge of the blade gleamed. She stood behind Atellus and tipped his chin upward. She carefully shaved his whiskery barba from his jaw. With every swipe of the razor, she stopped to inspect her handiwork. Her eyes widened at what she discovered. “Dominor.” She addressed him formally as her master, in a wispy voice. “You’re a very formosus man beneath this barba. I like your face very much. It is has a strong amius virilus. Why do you cover it with hair?” She ran her hands lovingly across his half-shaved jaw. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Do not tell Dominor Plutonius I said this, but I would be pleased to be your ancilla and amatrix during your stay in Massilia.”
He smiled into Janni’s beautiful brown eyes. “I would be very pleased to have you as my amatrix.” His fingertips grazed the side of her soft arms. He had not had a lover in so long his body ached for one. “Are you one of a Plutonius’ favorites?”
Janni’s gaze dropped to the ground. Obviously she was.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” He reached upward and gently stroked the side of her face. “It must be awful.”
“It is.” Janni giggled but quickly gasped in alarm. “Please tell no one I said so.” She hurried to correct her admission.
He smiled and gently patted her shoulder. “Your secret’s safe. Tonight you are my favorite. I will enjoy having you as my amatrix very much.”
She smiled and continued with the task of shaving. She stood behind him as he sat. She provocatively pressed her full breasts against his back and tipped his chin upward to scrape his bushy black beard away. “Dominor,” she whispered in his ear. “You look ferocia but you speak kindly. I like that.” She bent down and brushed her lips gently across the top of his head. Her words were the softest whisper. “I was happy to be sent to you. I give myself to you willingly.”
A chill ran up his spine as she spoke. His chest tightened. True willingness amongst the servus was such a rarity. He knew Janni had no true choice. She had to submit and serve him. That she should offer this privilege meant so much. Willingness was a rare gift between dominor and servus and one he greatly preferred. Taking an unwilling ancilla was a misery for both parties. He knew some men preferred it but he did not. At this stage of his life, he refused to do it. He refused to take what was not offered. His thoughts wandered toward fantasies of thrusting his dolon between Janni’s willingly parted thighs. His pulse quickened. It was difficult to sit still. Great Jupiter, he couldn’t wait to be done with the grooming and move forward to the pleasure. A faint smile crossed his lips. “Janni, I turn myself over to you completely.” His head tipped back against the soft cushion of her breasts. He pressed against her bosom and gently rocked his head from side to side, luxuriating in the feeling. Her generous breasts felt wonderfully mollis and comforting. “Hurry.”
“Stop moving. I might cut you.” Janni lifted the steel novacula away from his throat. “You must sit still during the tondeo. Your barba is very thick and ferus.”
He couldn’t wait to see her naked. I’ve got something else to show you that’s thick and ferus. He grinned. He wished she would just hurry, but he allowed her to take her time and do a good job, knowing her handiwork would be judged carefully. Janni had been ordered by Columba to make him presentable to the dignitaries, and after spending eight years in Belgica, he knew she had a daunting task to perform. Janni was a well-trained and obedient ancilla. She performed her tasks perfectly. He was bathed, manicured and shaved. He did not have to correct her or ask for anything. She offered or acted before words even formed on his lips…
“Owned By Rome” by Katalina Leon, available  from Ellora’s Cave Legend Line.

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The Pen & Muse loved "Beautiful Stranger"

Beautiful Stranger

Genre: Short Erotic Romance (Younger Man/Older Woman)
PublisherEllora's Cave
Release Date: April 2010
Price: $5.95

What I Liked:
I'm not quite the age yet where I should be thinking about older women and younger men. (Except perhaps Taylor Lautner... wait, no comment.) Yet there is something about this story that *really* appealed to me. I'm not sure if it was the freedom and the openness of Lilly's attitude, or the extreme hotness of David's character (and bod-ay). But I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written, it was well-plotted, it was well-executed. It was an all-around good time. The picture on the cover does not do justice for what I think this couple is described as... she's over forty, he's in his early thirties. But it was a very hot story, and the characters are memorable. I've not read Katalina Leon before, but I see that she has an Ellora's Cave release from ancient Rome. I'm looking forward to reading more of her stories. If this one was any evidence, I will be in for a treat!