Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Friday, June 19, 2015

Uncaged book 25, Black Hills Wolves Coming Soon!

Mitchell Waya was born to rage in a cage. Every time he competes in a mixed martial arts match, he brings two secret weapons to the ring: a raging heart and the blood of a wolf. When the beast within explodes, no man stands a chance. Scaling the heights of an international career, he’s not prepared for the tragedy and scandal that overtakes him.

Christy was a child of fourteen abducted by a brutal cult of survivalist and abused. In a defiant act of courage she attempts to escape, but finds herself facing execution in a dark alley before Mitchell appears from the shadows like an avenging angel. During rescue, she catches a glimpse of the protective wolf’s fury. The two form a brief but intense bond before fate pushes them apart.

Four years pass. Fortunes change, but when they meet again the attraction is irresistible. They fall in love and might have a future. Too bad an old enemy is stalking them and wants Christy dead.