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Sirens and Scales
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to re-open a "Nice Package"

Today I’m posting a little retro book promo for a book of mine that was released a bit late during last Christmas’ season, and didn’t get the attention it might have enjoyed with an earlier release date.

"Nice Package" came out last December 21st (?) and it's a story I remain very proud of.

It actually takes place the day after Christmas. Cora and Jim treat themselves to a little BDSM tinged adventure in a luxurious lodge, under mysterious circumstances... By the time they head home their lives have changed greatly for the better.

I included a little fetish of mine in this story-the prolonged tease, which includes intense arousal without release until it becomes an explosive mind-altering experience, using only your natural brain chemistry for an endorphin rush. Never tried it? Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the story and find

Blurb: Christmas chaos is over at the Emersons' house, but the real holiday fun is just beginning when Jim presents Cora with a big, beautiful gift box she's forbidden to open.

What's in the crimson mystery box?

Cora finds out, slowly, over a twenty-four-hour period. The box contains tantalizing toys, temptations, tricky games, and an invitation to an erotic adventure at a mountain lodge that will refresh their marriage and bond them as lovers. If Cora can endure one hellaciously prolonged tease, she's really going to enjoy getting a nice package.

Reader Advisory: Novel contains a scene that includes light f/f interaction.

Miz Loves Books rated "Nice Package" "Hot Stuff, #1 Top Pick and says, "The sexual tension breathes fire..." "It's like looking at the Sun."

You can read the complete review here:

Or better yet, buy “Nice Package” here:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sizzling Reviews thought Sugar Roux Voodoo sizzled!

Sizzling Reviews gave Sugar Roux Voodoo 5 Hearts!

Being a beneficent voodoo priestess with a gift of seeing the future doesn’t always guarantee happiness; but the love of a good man does!
New Orleans, 1834. Lark La Beau is a green-eyed beauty and respected beneficent voodoo priestess with the sometimes uncooperative gift of clairvoyance. Captain Valcour Curry is a debonair, larger-than-life buccaneer with ambition to burn and a taste for fine things. Following a whirlwind romance with Lark, he disappears at sea, leaving Lark with a riverboat and a child to rear—alone.
A guilty act of piracy causes Valcour to fall victim to a shapeshifting magician who practices the dark art of soul-swapping. For five years Valcour has been enslaved as an emotionless zombie with no memory of his loved ones or past. From dusk to dawn he is cursed to toil in the cane fields while the evil magician uses his soul to lure women and have his brutal way with them.
Lark will risk hell and journey to the oppressive Broken Oak Plantation to break the curse. It’s a terrifying place. Her only tools to call Valcour’s lost soul back to life are voodoo and the sensual power of love.
Lark La Beau was an orphaned white child who was taken in by a creole voodoo priestess and taught the ways of voodoo. She grew up with the love of Mathilde, her surrogate mother, and learned the teaching of harming no one. During a visit to help ill citizens of New Orleans, Lark meets Captain Valcour Curry and her life changes. She quickly falls in love with him and they begin to make plans for their future, but Valcour decides to take one last pirate adventure out of greed and disappears from Lark’s life, leaving behind a small child and a broken heart.

Sugar Roux Voodoo is a wonderful story about the power of love and forgiveness. Lark learns that it wasn’t by choice that Valcour is missing but his soul has been captured by an evil voodoo magician and is forced to seek out other souls to capture. Payne, the evil voodoo magician is able to exchange bodies and souls with his prisoners, using up their life force. Lark’s love for Valcour is what saves him and allows him and the rest of the prisoners’ freedom. But Valcour also has to learn to forgive himself for the bad choices that he made in his life in order to truly be free of the voodoo spell.

Sugar Roux Voodoo is a passionate love story about two characters who accept each other for who they are, even with their failings. It is a wonderful read filled with suspense and action. I really enjoyed how Katalina Leon shared the back story with the reader by weaving it into the current action. I would love to see more books where Mr. Payne tries again to capture the souls of others and how love conquers all.

Sugar Roux Voodoo will cast a spell on you and make you believe in happily ever after! Read it today!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Ellora's Cave Anthology coming soon!

I'm happy to announce that one of my ancient world fantasy stories will be included in the upcoming Ellora's Cave anthology. I'm so excited to take part in this super fun project and have the opportunity to work with some terrific of authors and editors. I can't wait to share a few more details and I promise I will just as soon as I can.
(I already have the cover and it's smok'n hot!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whipped Cream Reviews got whipped up on "Sugar Roux Voodoo"

"Sugar Roux Voodoo has love, with just a touch of voodoo-like flavoring and some heart-felt, sugar sweet lovemaking with a little New Orleans spice thrown in there for good measure. Sound like something you are looking for? Well, then read on.

Lark La Beau is portrayed as a strong, spiritual woman who cares deeply for those around her, especially her family. She’s training in the voodoo arts and beliefs, although it is a fictional type of voodoo dreamed up by the author for this story. Leon calls it “Beneficent voodoo”. Lark is in her mid-twenties and has been sheltered from men. The explanation for her innocence and unmarried state at such an advanced age for this time period was done in a believable way.

Captain Valcour Curry is charming, polite, and chivalrous. A patient and skilled lover, he's a perfect romance novel hero. He doesn’t come across in as much depth as Lark does but he’s still a likeable character. Something has a sinister hold over Valcour and it is this dark force and its influence on him that provides most of the conflict between him and Lark. Lark is determined to use every bit of power she has as well as the power of her love to win.

In the sex scenes the language is that of erotic romance and there’s a very erotic story told in dialogue between two characters, which is where the anal sex and forced seduction come into play. However, the action of the sex between hero and heroine is more sensual and warm, full of emotion. It’s more like spicy romance than erotic romance in those parts. That’s just an observation, not a complaint. I enjoyed these parts immensely.

Ms. Leon shines best in this story as a world-builder. It’s a very lush and visual and feeling-based world that I was able to get into very quickly. I liked the deep spiritual aspect to this story and the richness of the author’s unique take, it gave this story a difference that sparkles.

Sugar Roux Voodoo is a very original romance with lots of heated emotion and a vivid story world, which brings together a charming, cultured but troubled hero and a strong-willed, open-hearted heroine who is willing to fight for him. Don’t miss this one."
4 Cherries!
Amaryllis, Whipped Cream Reviews.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coffee and Romance Reviews loved "Sugar Roux Voodoo"

 Susan at Coffee and Romance Reviews had this to say about "Sugar Roux Voodoo"
I have never read a book as uniquely different from the romance book formula as Sugar Roux Voodoo by Katalina Leon. Set in New Orleans in 1834, this historical novel takes us on the journey of Lark LaBeau as she faces black magic in order to release her beloved Valcour from its evil claws. Lark definitely is a strong woman who defies what the norms that society has set for her from her very first moments in the busy seaport city. She is wildly erotic, yet earthly sensuous, dark, and mysterious. This enchanting novel is told through visions, dreams, and memories as the practicing voodoo priestess refuses to take no for an answer, especially where her lover is concerned. Ms. Leon tastefully interwove powerful sex scenes through a secondary character that causes not only our witch’s blood to boil, but also the reader’s. Sugar Roux Voodoo is an erotic tale that will have you eagerly awaiting each page. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Danielle likes a little "Sugar Roux Voodoo" in her Coffee Time Romance!

Danielle at Coffee Time Romance Reviews gave "Sugar Roux Voodoo" a beautifully written review! Here's a little sip:

I have never read a tale quite like this one. Katalina Leon takes the reader on a magical and powerful journey as we watch Lark struggle to save the man she has always loved. The way the storyline flashed between their present and past helped me understand the feelings and emotions each character experienced. The way Lark grew within the novel was amazing as her confidence built while trying to figure out how to save the man she loves against a magic she has never dealt with before. Valcour himself leaves quite the impression too. I would love nothing more than to have a pirate to call my own if he were molded after this sexy captain.
Caution: This tale contains scenes of a swashbuckling pirate that will seduce you right out of your pantaloons, a deadly adversary who can will you to do anything and a voodoo priestess determined to claim her man! Oh yeah…and do not forget the extremely steamy sex that leaves you craving a pirate’s touch of your own.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
(Thank you Danielle and Coffee Time Romance!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Romance Books R Us" Christmas in July Contest

2nd Annual Christmas in July TWO Contests!
Dates: 1 July through midnight EST 31 July.
We only ship snail mail items to US and Canadian addresses.

CONTEST 1: (Open to readers/unpublished writers.industry reps - NOT published authors unless you're already a RBRU Yahoo group member)
Prizes: Amazon/Barnes & Noble $125 Gift Certificate, Christmas ornaments, decks of Ellora's Cave/Blush playing cards, RBRU hats, tee-shirts and tote bags. To enter:
1. Join RBRU yahoo group at
2. Visit Click on each of the 20 Bloggers names left sidebar) to visit their sites. Find the name of one of their books along with the names of the hero and heroine. COLLECT THE 20 BLOGGER NAMES, BOOK NAMES, AND HERO AND HEROINE NAMES. (If a blogger has two pen names, only do one). In ONE email message, send all this information to: 

CONTEST 2: (Open to everyone, including published authors)
Prize: Amazon/Barnes & Noble $25 Gift Certificate.
To enter:
1. Join RBRU Chat group at:
2. Become a Follower at our blog:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Night Owl Reviews gave "Sugar Roux Voodoo" 5 Stars!

NIGHT OWL REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW gave “Sugar Roux Voodoo” 5 Stars Top Pick!
Reviewer Stesha.
It’s 1834, New Orleans. The lovely Lark Le Beau spends her days aboard her riverboat, the Sugar Roux Voodoo Queen, performing acts of beneficent voodoo for her select clientele. Five years earlier, she was seemingly abandoned by her first and still only love, Captain Valcour Curry, a wealthy pirate. Valcour left her with not only the riverboat, but their unborn son as well.
When client Miss Marietta visits Lark for a reading, Lark’s gift of clairvoyance kicks in at full speed. She senses Valcour once again. Soon after Miss Marietta departs, a stranger named Leroy arrives and claims Valcour is alive—but he is now nothing more than a soulless zombie living an almost nonexistence, imprisoned at the hidden Broken Oak Plantation where a black magician named Braeme Payne has stolen his soul.
Lark knows immediately she must go with Leroy to the Broken Oak to save her love. She knows that she will need to risk her own life and use her own brand of magic and love to save the man she loves. But Valcour isn’t the same man any longer. Trapped by his own misdeeds of the past, and held by guilt and black magic, he no longer possesses his own soul or emotions.
Sugar Roux Voodoo is a lushly written sensual novel that will transport you back to nineteenth century New Orleans. The setting is so beautifully painted for you by the author you will imagine yourself aboard the riverboat watching the story unfold before you. Lark is a beautifully written character that the reader will identify with immediately. The love story is compelling and lustily written. Sugar Roux Voodoo is a definite must-read this summer.
(Thank you Night Owl Reviews and Stesha!)

Monday, June 6, 2011

You Gotta Read Reviews Loved "Owned By Rome"

Atellus has been in love with Columbia since the moment he met her when they were young. Now he is a Magistrate in Gaul and is ready to win his love away from his cousin Plutonius. Little does he know the adventure that awaits him at his cousins home.
Rutila is a proud and headstrong Celt. She is a princess among her people but to the Romans who have taken her in she is nothing but a slave. Her continued poor behavior has gotten her into a tangle and she is about to be served up as entertainment at the orgy her masters are hosting. That is until a young Roman claims her as his own.
Owned By Rome is a great story. The hero and heroine are endearing while the antagonists are nasty and mean. My favorite character was actually Atellus, his honor and strength just leapt out at the reader.
My only “disappointment” per say is the lack of any real physical conflict. What conflict there was is more internal with Rutila and her internal strife. I did actually enjoy the voyage of self discovery and growth that was well depicted by Ms. Leon.
Owned By Rome is a fantastic glimpse into the ancient world and it is definitely one you want to add to your To Read List.

Reviewed by Lupa for You Gotta Read Reviews.
Thank you Lupa!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Sugar Roux Voodoo" got 5 Stars!

Wanda at Romance Writers Reviewers gave "Sugar Roux Voodoo" a 5 Star review. Thank you Wanda!
Read the full review here:

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Sugar Roux Voodoo" is available today!!

It's Good Friday, Earth Day and "Sugar Roux Voodoo" Release Day! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Book Trailer for "Sugar Roux Voodoo"!

Click on this link and see the beautiful new book trailer for "Sugar Roux Voodoo" that my husband made!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Excerpt of "Sugar Roux Voodoo"

“Sugar Roux Voodoo” will be available this Friday April 22nd from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. This is my first historical/ paranormal book and I’m getting very excited!

Excerpt “Sugar Roux Voodoo”
Chapter One
Mississippi River, New Orleans, October 1834

Lark reluctantly picked up the sad, little bundle of tattered fabric, human hair and tiny animal skulls and handed it back to her disappointed client. “I won’t do this and you’d regret it if I did.” She paused. “I know your heart’s broken, chere, but that sort of revenge is always wrong. I don’t do that kind of magic, so don’t ask.”

A bitter frown creased the woman’s face as she accepted the rejected juju bundle into her hand.
Lark allowed the disappointed woman a moment of silence to reflect.

The riverboat’s massive paddlewheel thunked loudly against the murky water of the Mississippi as it slowly steamed upriver.

The woman parted her lips to protest the returned bundle at the exact moment the shrill, double blast of the Sugar Roux Voodoo Queen’s steam whistle blew and drowned out her words before she could even release them into the riverboat’s elegant parlor.

Lark’s palm rose in the air, silently signaling the woman to hold her words until the whistle finished blasting. She reclined against the wingback chair, adorned with cypress armrests carved into the likeness of snarling lions’ heads. Her fingertips absently stroked against the lions’ polished heads as the whistles blew. She knew it was senseless to attempt to speak over them, so she waited.

Lark’s head casually tilted against the nappy, red-velvet upholstery as she silently studied the offensive little bundle in the woman’s hands. She drew a tense breath, knowing once again she had been misunderstood and placed in an uncomfortable situation.

The whistle grew silent, but the lingering echo continued to ring in her ears. She leaned forward and gently confronted the woman. “Who told you I would do such a thing?”

“N-no one.” The distraught woman stuttered. “Everyone knows your name. You’re the queen of the river. You’re reputation is legend. I know you could do what I’ve asked. You’ve helped many others. Why won’t you help me?” Fresh tears trickled down the woman’s cheeks. “I’ve been wronged!”

Lark rose slowly from the throne-like chair. Her aubergine satin dress and layers of crisp, horsehair crinoline crinkled softly as she stood. “I would never deliberately harm an innocent woman.”

The woman scoffed. “She’s not innocent. I can assure you of that. She’s a rouge- cheeked-help-yourself hussy!”

“I’m going to pour you a bourbon.” Lark spoke gently. “You’re going to drink it, and you and I are going to talk.”

She walked to an elegant, glass cabinet and removed a slender, cut-crystal decanter of amber liquid and poured a generous slosh into a crystal goblet that caught the flickering candlelight. A splintered burst of tiny rainbows cast against the lacquered walls of the parlor. She ceremoniously handed the bourbon to the anxious woman.

The woman eagerly accepted the goblet with narrowed eyes. “Did you cast a roux on this?” she asked hopefully. “Is the potion enchanted? Will this bring my man back?”

Lark sadly shook her head. “No roux. Its not enchanted potion, it’s just good bourbon.”

The woman looked painfully disappointed but took a sip anyway. Her lips tensed against the bourbon, as if it burned. “I can find a way to pay you more if that’s the problem?”

“It’s not the problem,” Lark spoke firmly. “I never charge anyone. The most I ask of others is that they do a kind service for someone else in need.”

A dismissive frown darkened the woman’s face. “I’m the one in need.” She gulped the bourbon in a single swallow.

(Lark does use Beneficent Voodoo to help this woman but the sexual situation and the Voodoo gets way more intense with the next client who walks into Lark’s riverboat parlor.)

 “Sugar Roux Voodoo” is available Friday April 22nd. It’s part of Ellora’s Cave Legend Line, but be warned there are paranormal elements, wicked soul-swappers, magic and zombies—and that’s a good thing!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Look what's new "Sugar Roux Voodoo"!

New Orleans 1834. Lark La Beau is a green-eyed beauty and respected beneficent voodoo priestess with the sometimes uncooperative gift of clairvoyance. Captain Valcour Curry is a debonair, larger-than-life buccaneer with ambition to burn and a taste for fine things. Following a whirlwind romance with Lark, he disappears at sea, leaving Lark with a riverboat and a child to rear—alone.

A guilty act of piracy causes Valcour to fall victim to a shapeshifting magician who practices the dark art of soul-swapping. For five years Valcour has been enslaved as an emotionless zombie with no memory of his loved ones or past. From dusk to dawn he is cursed to toil in the cane fields while the magician uses his soul.

Lark will risk hell and journey to the oppressive Broken Oak Plantation to break the curse. It’s a terrifying place. Her only tools to call Valcour’s lost soul back to life are beneficent voodoo and love.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New book contract!

I'm so happy to announce I finally have a new paranormal book coming soon to Ellora's Cave! This book is the first of a series and I can't wait to get a book cover and more details to share. 

I will say this book has a little bit of everything. The setting is New Orleans 1834, and there are rakish pirates, Voodoo priestesses, elegant riverboats, cursed sugar cane plantations, evil magicians and last but certainly not least, zombies! That's right zombies. 

Did you ever wonder what happened to that terrific guy from your past who simply disappeared and never called back? Maybe he was captured by an evil magician and turned into a zombie? It could happen. lol

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bend over Madam and take delivery of a steaming hot Blog!

Until I have some real news to share, I'll just re-post this. I want to post something fun and incredibly stupid. It was my intention to offer you the most pointless romance blog I’ve ever written. 

(I’m so bored with myself I could cry!)

I deliberately wrote the worst, most offensive romance dialog and scenario I could think of at this moment. Poor grammar, offensive attitudes, typos and thoughtless dialog were done willfully.
This is NOT an excerpt! lol

Exhibit A:  A Bluff Pirate’s Tale, Semen at Sea.

“Ha, ha, ha I don’t give a heck if yer ah virgin lassie, I’m going to peek in your porthole and force you to ride mi bucking lower deck whether ya like it or not!” Captain Muskysac the much dreaded handsome bastard pirate of the inky blue undulating ocean, lorded menacingly over his newest captive, conveniently kidnapped on the eve of her wedding, the wistful jewel of his heart since childhood, the beautifully, delicately innocent Miss Ashley Roseheather.

Captain Muskysac insolently puffed his broad chest forward thrusting his man-nipples three feet apart, kicked his boots astride and stood thusly with his fist firmly planted on his insinuating lean hips and barked. “On your knees lass I’m going to spoil you!”

“There’s been a slightly awkward miscommunication.” Ashley glanced upward and mumbled softly through rubied rosebud lips. “I’m not a virgin…”

Captain Muskysac frowned. His posture wilted. “What do mean yer not a virgin? I had a whole deflowerment routine of horribly protracted degradation painstakingly planned for you. I was going to win your heart by conquering your frail womanly form, and easily shocked sensibilities. I went to a great deal of effort. Manacles were polished, Neverwash Walter is eagerly waiting in the next cabin to shout rude, inappropriate comments and leer over the entire sordid event. I’ll be honest with you, this is quite a bitter little let down.”

“I’m so sorry, I’m not a virgin but there nothing to be done about it now. What about a sassy whiskey-voiced, salty-tongued, been abandoned by love but has a heart of gold, hip-swishing sea wench? Could you use one of those? I adore life-jarring forced seductions and humiliating degradation on the high seas.” Ashley’s limpid baby blue eyes bulgingly pleaded. “It’s not too late to have a good time, is it? I’ll just behave flustered and witless and we’ll put the whole embarrassing misunderstanding behind us. You’ll never notice I’m not a virgin. What do say my spicy pepperoni—is the party on?”

Captain Muskysac stared dejectedly at the toes of his tall boots. “I don’t know—It's not quite the same. I take pride in my arrogantly aberrant behavior. Menacing maidens is an art form. I’m not really prepared for an experienced woman. I don’t want to just walk through the act half-heartedly.”

“Oh what the hell, I’m starting without you.” Ashley shouted. “Nay, nay dark ruthless master don’t burst my preciously treasured carefully guarded and saved for sacred marriage maidenhead and ruin my chances for a peaceful, productive life and soak my virgin tight-as-a-kidskin-glove, pouting rosebud, woman’s secret cottage in the glen, quimmy with your steamy hot juices! Spare me lava hot love god. I beg of you!”

Captain Muskysac’s expression was appalled. “You do realize Neverwash and others can hear you in the next cabin?” He whispered a tense warning.

“I don’t care! Lash me to yer throbbing purple yardarm, Hop’n jack me, Whip the pony, butter the biscuits, take me if you must, grease me with deck-wax pin me flat and ravish me on your thick commanding masthead. Your mysteriously threatening knobby turgidness compels me to surrender!”

“My turgidness?”

“Yes, your stony rock hard as iron straight as a plank of wood, turgidness. Shove it in me, lord of my mattress! For you, my dewy quim is like a fragrant rose shyly opening it’s delicate silky pink petals to the first fair day of spring sunshine that we call love. My naughty lady slipper pouts, longs, desires, drools and oozes with love nectar waiting for you to take me again and again and again and again…

“All right already!” He announced as he tore at his laces and evacuated his threateningly turgid, inhumanly proportioned, mapped with veins, sweaty, salty manhood from his skintight period-correct breeches and let it thrust in all its twitching glory toward her startled face. “I’m going to slip you the sausage and mash the potatoes. Then I’m going to spill man-gravy all over your plate, and let it all soak in the sink until morning. I doubt you’ll walk upright for a week!”

“Nay, if I ever walk again!” She screamed ridiculously and ducked under the bedcovers. “You’re so massively, hugely big! The sheer girthy width of your tremendously engorged spit–red-hot-rivets-wang-hammer is enough to kill a girl. The impressive volume of your man-tool leaves me humbled, awed yet strangely drawn to the danger-tinged mystery of its wrinkled foreskin. Your balls are big too.” She sighed sweetly.

“So is your plump round bottom madam! I think I’ll take a brisk palm to task against those firm, proud peaches and paddle a happy tune on your pink drum skins before I lave my tongue between your warm, wet woman folds and send my manly fire truck to hose down the flames.”

He did and they lived happily ever after. The End. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Salt Lake City Examiner Gave "Nice Package" 5 Stars!

Good morning!  I'd like to introduce a wonderful erotic romance author, Katalina Leon, whose hot, sensual books are growing in popularity with women of all ages (over 18 of course!).  Katalina writes primarily for Ellora's Cave Publications, and has half a dozen digital, and one print book in publication.
Kat's books are deliciously sensual, and her voice is wonderful, leading the reader into a labyrinth of emotions and feelings with every page she (or he) turns. Why did I say "she"? Simply because the vast majority of erotic romance is read by women. Erotic romance is a way to get away from it all, enjoy your feminine cravings, and make your signigicant other happy as heck that you chose them to experiment on.
Of course, I know a few men who devour erotic romances. They say unashamedly that it teaches them how to make love to the woman in their life, and they claim that the rewards are astonishing. LOL!
Katalina's books show a true depth of warm love between the hero and heroine (seasoned well with the wine of sensuality, of course). You see, there is a vast difference between erotic romance and porn. In erotic romance, there must be a Happy Ever After love story. There must be a connection between the characters that is much more than slam-bam-thank-you-maam sex.
So let me introduce you to Kat's latest book, titled Nice Package.
Nice Package was a surprise package for this reader! Well written and engaging from opening words to final page, I had great difficulty putting it down.  Ms. Leon has a writing style that captivates and keeps a body reading. Never a dull moment.
This sweet little package is about a man and wife who enjoy a bit of BDSM in their loveplay, and boy, did it ever deliver! Don't know what BDSM stands for? Well, let's just say that a bit of Bondage, Dominance and Submission make marriage hotter and more enjoyable for this truly loving couple.
As a woman who likes to be assertive and in control, I find most BDSM books a bit irritating, but Ms. Leon makes the reader understand that between people in love, this can really spice up your love life. It is a way of making love that requires total trust and total commitment, and I came away feeling titillated.
If you are a romance lover, and like to have your romance hot and sexy, definitely DO pick this one up.
Fran Lee.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up All Night E-Books!

Saturday February 19th, "Nice Package" and I are being featured at "Up All Night" E-Books. Please drop by.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Miz Vanilla Heat loved Nice Package!

Wowser! If you’re looking for a rush of emotion and a way to kickstart your libido, stop right where you are. Tap those keys and zip straight over to Ellora’s Cave to pick up your copy of Nice Package by Katalina Leon. The sexual tension breathes fire and will smoke up your entire house. Trust me. This book sizzles, simmers, and boils over with everything you want in an erotic romance.

It’s like looking up at the sun! Put on those special protective glasses when reading.

Ms. Leon starts the heat on page one and keeps it coming. But don’t for one minute believe that this book lacks story or emotion. It’s well-written and sure to satisfy all your needs. This is one of those books you’ll want to take to bed and read to your husband. Yep, it’s that kind of book. I guarantee your dear, sweet man will come to attention in more ways than one!

Dishwashing liquid has never been so sexy.

1.  “Where was a well-hung Viking warlord when really you needed one?” (But don’t worry. Our heroine was NOT disappointed.)

2.   “Take it,” he spoke softly. “You earned it.” (You have only one guess on exactly what it was he    wanted her to take. My lips are sealed, readers. Let your imagination have at it.)

3.  “I’m going to ask for the panties now.” (Do you really need a commentary from me?)

I’m Miz Vanilla Heat and I like it that way, but I like it vanilla with fudge syrup and nuts, too. There’s nothing wrong with exploring new and oh-so-sexy ways to connect with your lover, and Ms. Leon has given me plenty of ideas. She cranks up the heat and proves that vanilla couples can enjoy other flavors as well. A rainbow of tastes is coming your way with Nice Package. Break out the toys! I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of Ms. Leon’s books. Hot Stuff. Top Pick. One of the Best. Rawwrrrrr!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coffee Time Romance Presents Books and Coffee!

What's new in January? Coffee Time Romance is hosting a huge Books and Coffee chat event. Lots of fun and a big give away too! The chat day for Ellora's Cave author's is January 27th, so put that day aside. I'll be on line chatting and so will a lot of other great Ellora's Cave authors. We always have fun! Check out Coffee Time's site for details

Second Excerpt from "Nice Package"

This is another excerpt from “Nice Package”. 
In this scene Jim and Cora Emerson are alone in a luxurious suite. Jim is seated in a large leather chair. Cora is lying on the edge of the bed. Jim asks Cora to stop asking nervous questions about what’s coming next and relax. The game they are playing is meant to be a tease, to turn each other on and see how long they can stay apart. Cora performs a flirty striptease and then tells Jim a story:

“Hush.” Jim smiled and held a silencing finger to his lips. “I’m enjoying watching you undress.” His knees splayed wider, exposing a profound bulge in his trousers. “And so is my cock.”

A broad smile lit her face as she looked directly into his eyes. “What would your cock like to see?”

“Surprise me. Put on a show. I want to see how long I can stay in this chair.”

She carefully slid a tapering fingertip beneath the black bra strap and delicately tugged the strap down her soft shoulder. She gazed sideways at him. “How about a story instead?”

He faintly nodded. “A story would be fine.” His throat tensed.

A flush of heat raced through her. She loved this game. She would tell a sexy story and turn her and Jim on in the process, but what story would she tell? She knew so many. It better be a good one. This was a special occasion. Her pussy was counting on her to get Jim out of that chair and between her thighs as soon as possible. She unzipped her wool skirt, wiggled it down her legs and casually tossed it on top of her boots. Her hands brushed the length of her bare legs, stopping at her black lace panties. Her fingers loitered longingly between her thighs and came to rest on the lace hem. She started to reach underneath the stretchy lace so she could stroke herself with her fingertip.

Jim slowly shook his head no. “Keep your hands where I can see them.”

“You’re a cruel man.” She huffed impatiently and rolled onto her belly. Her ankles crossed high above her. She dug her fingers into the raw silk duvet and stroked its slightly nubby texture. A glossy lock of hair fell across one eye and she deliberately left it there and peeked out from behind it. “Once upon a time, there were two beautiful harem slaves who shared a bed.”

Jim leaned back in the chair and drew a deep breath. “What were the slaves’ names?”

Her eyes caught the warm sparkle of amber crystals dangling from a wall sconce above the nightstand. “Amberlina.” She paused and looked toward the bookshelf and the windows, desperately hoping inspiration would strike for a second name. Her eyes wandered across the distant ski slope beyond the glass door. “And Snowy.” Her story was off to a silly start and she was terribly disappointed in herself.

“Snowy?” Jim’s palm slowly stroked the length of his thigh. “That’s an unusual name for a harem slave.”

“Snowy was an unusual girl. She was from the extreme north. Her hair was a palest shade of silvery white and her eyes were an icy blue-violet. She was tall, slender and aloof. From the day she arrived at the harem she never spoke a word.”

“What was Amberlina like?”

She idly circled her fingertip on the bed top. “Amberlina was joyful in temperament and always wore a warm smile. Her graceful body, with its sweeping curves, loved dancing. Her full hips made her a great favorite with the sultan, who loved to drape long strands of pearls around her waist and watch them shimmy as she moved. She was no caged bird. She was a sensualist and a performer at heart. It was her delight and good fortune to escape the poverty of her village for the comforts of the harem. Being a palace pleasure slave to a handsome sultan was no hardship to her.”

Jim interrupted. “What did she look like?”

“Amberlina had long wavy hair the color of jet that tumbled past her waist. Her figure was so curvaceous, when women saw her they thought of Allat, the desert goddess of love. When men looked on her, they thought purely of sex. When Amberlina was presented at court, the sultan felt instantly possessive of her beauty and kept her away from the edges of the harem compound for fear another man would casually look at her and lust. In fact, it was impossible to come close to Amberlina and not stare. She was so lovely. Her sweet smile and sparkling brown eyes that tipped up at the corners silently invited others to engage her.”

“It sounds as if Amberlina has eyes like yours.”

“Perhaps.” She smiled. She could tell Jim was ready to hear more. “There is one distinct difference between Amberlina and me.” Her fingertips lightly brushed the swell of her cleavage. “I crave your touch. I love the touch of a man. Amberlina enjoyed the touch of her sultan as well and even hoped to present him someday with a royal child, but deep at heart she craved the touch of a woman. That fact was well-known within the harem. Behind the ornate wrought iron screens that securely barred the windows, it was no secret to any of those who lived inside that Amberlina loved women.” She whispered so softly Jim was forced to lean forward in the chair to hear her.

“She loved their touch, their lush softness and their taste on her tongue. She loved the sweet sounds they made in their pleasure and she loved to fall asleep in a woman’s graceful arms with her face pressed against a soft bosom. Many of the harem women fought for the right to dance at Amberlina’s side and openly coaxed her to their beds, but not everyone in the harem behaved so lovingly or got along so well with others.”

Jim shifted uneasily in the chair. “What about Snowy?”

“Poor Snowy.” She rolled onto her side and gently stroked her hand along the curve of her hip. “She spoke a foreign dialect the others could not understand, so she refused to speak at all. The sultan accepted Snowy as a valued gift from a warlord in a distant land, and even though she was very beautiful, he installed her in his harem and forgot her. Her days were spent in lonely silence with only a pet rabbit for a companion. She would hide in a far corner of the courtyard, set the fluffy white rabbit in her lap and adoringly stroke the quiet creature for hours while she watched Amberlina dance.” She paused.

“There was a bully in the harem. A jealous woman named Cailinda…”

(I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. The story continues, Amberlina and Snowy become lovers and get into a lot of trouble. Jim and Cora’s real-time tease continues as well. During a twenty-four hour period, Jim gets to come all he likes but poor Cora is continually brought to the edge and teased until the bitter end, which isn’t bitter at all. It’s explosive. lol)