Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Raunch Dilettante thinks Asterion was steamy

Amanda at Raunch Dilettante had this to say about SWTWC V2
"This is a collection of six short stores by Ellora’s Cave erotica authors.  It’s safe to say these all rate a solid 4/5 when it comes to raunchiness. There’s little in the way of kink, but it’s pretty steamy."

Asterion by Katalina Leon
The village chief f kidnaps a woman as an offering to the Minotaur god. The woman is terrified but quickly finds herself intrigued when the minotaur shifts into human form and ravishes her with pleasure.
Rating: B Great, above average.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Romancing The Book gave SWTWC V2 a "Lovely Rose" rating

Crystal at Romancing The Book Reviews gave SWTWC V2 a Lovely Rose rating! and had this to say about Asterion:
...And last is Asterion by Katalina Leon.  Larisa is expecting to be a virgin sacrifice. She gets tied up in the middle of a labrinth. There she sees a Minotaur and she thinks her life is over.  Darron is sent to Earth to find out all he can about humans. He takes on the form of a Minotaur to better do his research. When he see Larisa he starts turning into a human. Instead of Darron sacrificing Larisa he shows her pleasure. The more Larisa accepts him the more human and less beasts he becomes.
I enjoyed reading Larisa and Darrons story because they both need the other in different ways. Larisa for her village and to help them out and Darron to help him understand humans. To prove to his leaders that they can learn things from humans and they can teach him things to.
So I really enjoyed reading all six stories and they all was different in their own way. It doesn’t matter if your looking for a certain genre. When you first start reading you are truly amazed by all six journeys that you get to experience. So happy reading to everyone who decides to experience this great book for themselves.

Thank you Crystal and Romancing the Book!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

USA Today Reviewed SWTWC V2

This is my first review from USA Today and I don't even mind being called bestial or campy (which I intended) I love the PR!
Review by Lea Franczak
Thank you Lea!

Amazon Nymph gave SWTWC V2 4.5 Nymphs!

Literary Nymphs says they'll be reading SWTWC V2 again...
Thank you Amazon Nymph!

Asterion  by  Katalina Leon - 4 Nymphs 

Larisa thinks she is going to die after she is taken as a sacrifice. This is an interesting look at an alien race that uses the Minotaur as a way to enter Earth.  There are some interesting customs in this one and the author used an unusual shape-shifter in this one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long and Short Reviews gave SWTWC V2 4.5 Stars!

Long and Short Reviews (Formerly Whipped Cream Reviews) gave "Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 2" 4.5 Stars!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tori MacAllister said Something Wicked This Way Comes V2 is Wickedly Delicious!

Tori had something wonderful to say about all the stories in this collection, and you can read the full review here:
This is what Tori had to say about Asterion:
“Asterion” by Katalina Leon
Having lost her father and her betrothed in battle, Larisa is betrayed by the weak village chief. He rows her to a remote island where a gorgeous palace, dedicated to the Minotaur, stands and where she will be a virgin sacrifice. But rather than die at the horns of a god, Larisa finds herself used to give corporeal form to an alien being, one whose chosen form is that of a handsome man bent on pleasuring her and helping humanity.
This was one of my favorite stories! I felt the reader didn’t need the couple pages of explanation about the Minotaur prior to the story, but other than that blip, it was pitch perfect. Larisa is brave and bold and the “god” who takes such on a luscious form delights in his body and Larisa’s with such abandon that you have to smile for the thousand-plus year old virgin. I was surprised to discover that Katalina Leon has written a ton of books (she has a few listed on her Goodreads page) and none of them seem to be myth based like this story. I’ll be trying one of her books to see if she can delight me again.
(Pisst lets hope Tori tries my next book "The Strix", which will be available from Loose Id publishing July 17th! I'll post more about The Strix soon.)