Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Noblesword" Coming to Print!

Coming soon to Print! Noblesword will be available from Ellora's Cave in print May10th!
Noblesword is an erotic playground for adults with a twist... They know you better than you know yourself. "At Noblesword we know what you really want, not what you say you want" 
Noblesword delivers the goods!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Reviews calls SWTWC V2 a True Gem!

"A True Gem!"

Shadow's Thoughts:
"This is an entertaining anthology of short stories about women who find their loves in unexpected ways. Among other oddities, we have shape shifters, aliens in ancient Greece, and vampires.

Scarred and Kilt by Laurann Dohner. 
In this very hot short story, Matty comes to the rescue of her neighbor, Blaron, whom she suspects is a vampire. But once she saves him, she must leave behind her old life. Can she find happiness with a vampire?

Tinderbox by Regina Carlisle. 
Olivia knows she is a jaguar shapeshifter and has to find two mates before she can successfully shift for the first time. When Nate and Daniel come to her rescue after a kidnapping, she finds it hard to believe these two hot hunks are her intended mates.

Asterion by Katalina Leon. 
After being betrayed by the new chief of her village, Larisa is brought to be a sacrifice to the Minotaur-but her captor brings her to the wrong island and she becomes a captive of Asterion, a creature from another world who wants to live as an earthling, but must have a purpose to stay on earth. Can Larisa prove to be that purpose?

Decadent Dance by Aubrey Ross.
When Zoe purchases a dress from a vendor near Broadway, she has no idea it will make her a captive of Spaceship Commander Vaden, who wants her to behis Decadent Dancer.

Sahara Heat by Diane Hunter. 
Carla Braun doesn’t life the feeling she’s been set up for a blind date with Dr. Josef Anderson. But her friend knew something Carla didn’t-Josef was perfect for her.

Fatman and Robyn by Jaid Black. 
Jake Chamberlain and Robyn DeMarco appear to be polar opposites: he’s a famous quarterback and she’s a stay at home mouse living quietly in Little Italy with her family. But her full figure draws Jake like no woman he’s ever seen, and he learns she’s not quite what she seems-she’s a famous author.

All of the stories are hot, and the writing is exceptional for an anthology. Readers will find lots of sex in the short stories, and all are fairly complete within themselves. My favorite was Scarred and Kilt, even though I’m not into vampires. But a good writer is a good writer no matter what the venue, and Dohner fits that bill. What that vampire does with his fang…

All in all this is a highly recommended read."

(The Shadow knows... thank you Shadow!)