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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Salt Lake City Examiner Gave "Nice Package" 5 Stars!

Good morning!  I'd like to introduce a wonderful erotic romance author, Katalina Leon, whose hot, sensual books are growing in popularity with women of all ages (over 18 of course!).  Katalina writes primarily for Ellora's Cave Publications, and has half a dozen digital, and one print book in publication.
Kat's books are deliciously sensual, and her voice is wonderful, leading the reader into a labyrinth of emotions and feelings with every page she (or he) turns. Why did I say "she"? Simply because the vast majority of erotic romance is read by women. Erotic romance is a way to get away from it all, enjoy your feminine cravings, and make your signigicant other happy as heck that you chose them to experiment on.
Of course, I know a few men who devour erotic romances. They say unashamedly that it teaches them how to make love to the woman in their life, and they claim that the rewards are astonishing. LOL!
Katalina's books show a true depth of warm love between the hero and heroine (seasoned well with the wine of sensuality, of course). You see, there is a vast difference between erotic romance and porn. In erotic romance, there must be a Happy Ever After love story. There must be a connection between the characters that is much more than slam-bam-thank-you-maam sex.
So let me introduce you to Kat's latest book, titled Nice Package.
Nice Package was a surprise package for this reader! Well written and engaging from opening words to final page, I had great difficulty putting it down.  Ms. Leon has a writing style that captivates and keeps a body reading. Never a dull moment.
This sweet little package is about a man and wife who enjoy a bit of BDSM in their loveplay, and boy, did it ever deliver! Don't know what BDSM stands for? Well, let's just say that a bit of Bondage, Dominance and Submission make marriage hotter and more enjoyable for this truly loving couple.
As a woman who likes to be assertive and in control, I find most BDSM books a bit irritating, but Ms. Leon makes the reader understand that between people in love, this can really spice up your love life. It is a way of making love that requires total trust and total commitment, and I came away feeling titillated.
If you are a romance lover, and like to have your romance hot and sexy, definitely DO pick this one up.
Fran Lee.


  1. I stopped over and commented. This IS an awesome book and a MUST read.

  2. Thank you so much Amber and Cindy! And thank you Fran Lee!
    XXOO Kat