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Sirens and Scales
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Monday, June 6, 2011

You Gotta Read Reviews Loved "Owned By Rome"

Atellus has been in love with Columbia since the moment he met her when they were young. Now he is a Magistrate in Gaul and is ready to win his love away from his cousin Plutonius. Little does he know the adventure that awaits him at his cousins home.
Rutila is a proud and headstrong Celt. She is a princess among her people but to the Romans who have taken her in she is nothing but a slave. Her continued poor behavior has gotten her into a tangle and she is about to be served up as entertainment at the orgy her masters are hosting. That is until a young Roman claims her as his own.
Owned By Rome is a great story. The hero and heroine are endearing while the antagonists are nasty and mean. My favorite character was actually Atellus, his honor and strength just leapt out at the reader.
My only “disappointment” per say is the lack of any real physical conflict. What conflict there was is more internal with Rutila and her internal strife. I did actually enjoy the voyage of self discovery and growth that was well depicted by Ms. Leon.
Owned By Rome is a fantastic glimpse into the ancient world and it is definitely one you want to add to your To Read List.

Reviewed by Lupa for You Gotta Read Reviews.
Thank you Lupa!