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Sirens and Scales
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whipped Cream Reviews got whipped up on "Sugar Roux Voodoo"

"Sugar Roux Voodoo has love, with just a touch of voodoo-like flavoring and some heart-felt, sugar sweet lovemaking with a little New Orleans spice thrown in there for good measure. Sound like something you are looking for? Well, then read on.

Lark La Beau is portrayed as a strong, spiritual woman who cares deeply for those around her, especially her family. She’s training in the voodoo arts and beliefs, although it is a fictional type of voodoo dreamed up by the author for this story. Leon calls it “Beneficent voodoo”. Lark is in her mid-twenties and has been sheltered from men. The explanation for her innocence and unmarried state at such an advanced age for this time period was done in a believable way.

Captain Valcour Curry is charming, polite, and chivalrous. A patient and skilled lover, he's a perfect romance novel hero. He doesn’t come across in as much depth as Lark does but he’s still a likeable character. Something has a sinister hold over Valcour and it is this dark force and its influence on him that provides most of the conflict between him and Lark. Lark is determined to use every bit of power she has as well as the power of her love to win.

In the sex scenes the language is that of erotic romance and there’s a very erotic story told in dialogue between two characters, which is where the anal sex and forced seduction come into play. However, the action of the sex between hero and heroine is more sensual and warm, full of emotion. It’s more like spicy romance than erotic romance in those parts. That’s just an observation, not a complaint. I enjoyed these parts immensely.

Ms. Leon shines best in this story as a world-builder. It’s a very lush and visual and feeling-based world that I was able to get into very quickly. I liked the deep spiritual aspect to this story and the richness of the author’s unique take, it gave this story a difference that sparkles.

Sugar Roux Voodoo is a very original romance with lots of heated emotion and a vivid story world, which brings together a charming, cultured but troubled hero and a strong-willed, open-hearted heroine who is willing to fight for him. Don’t miss this one."
4 Cherries!
Amaryllis, Whipped Cream Reviews.