Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lord Griffin's Prize got 5 stars from Nicky Peacock!

Lord Griffin's Prize got a nice 5 Star review from Nicky Peacock.
Here's what Nicky had to say:
My Review:
I really loved this book. A time travel, mystical romance without the usual supernatural creatures – utter amazing fantasy! The story was addictive and it was so refreshing to have a normal woman as the lead. I’m not sure where the author is from, but she manages to evoke a strong Celtic feel to the book and doesn’t manage to use British stereotypes that usually end up insulting.
I can’t fault the writing, the whole book flowed really well, and quite frankly I came to the end all too soon. I’m glad to find that its part of a series, so the magic hasn’t ended.
The sex wasn’t sleazy or random and fitted into the story seamlessly – something that sets apart a good romance from straight erotica.
The front cover captures the essence of the story and you can’t beat a hunky, half naked guy to stare at!

I’d really recommend this to anyone wanting a romantic fantasy by their bedside – 5 out 5 stars!
Thank you Nicky!

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