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Sirens and Scales
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

First excerpt from "Owned By Rome"

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from “Owned By Rome”, which takes place in ancient Gaul 64 AD. In this scene Atellus has just arrived at his cousin’s compound in Massilia and been ordered to clean up his “Celtic” appearance and not embarrass his cousin in front of a party of Roman dignitaries. Atellus is a widower who has been living on the western frontier for many years and has abandoned most Roman customs and now lives like a Celt. Upon his arrive in his compound he is offered the use of a beautiful “ancilla” or personal servant:
…Atellus was pampered that vesper. An herbed lamb was roasted in his honor and a pretty ancilla named Janni was sent to his cubiculum as a companion and tonstrix to groom him.
Janni had a gentle voice and pleasant attitude. She massaged his tense muscles with soft, patient hands and sweetly scented almond oil.
He luxuriated in the feeling. He had not enjoyed a woman’s pampering touch in a very long time and he was starved for it. It was a welcome distraction from his current tension and disappointment. If his woman-starved senses had not been so attuned to Janni’s soft curves and giving attitude, the massage might have lulled him to sleep. That couldn’t happen, not yet. As exhausted as he was, he knew sleep must wait. Janni had a task to complete and he had yet to bed her. There was no way he would allow himself to fall asleep before having that pleasure.
Janni cheerfully pursued her task. Her delicate hands expertly stroked a steel novacula against a cos until the sharp edge of the blade gleamed. She stood behind Atellus and tipped his chin upward. She carefully shaved his whiskery barba from his jaw. With every swipe of the razor, she stopped to inspect her handiwork. Her eyes widened at what she discovered. “Dominor.” She addressed him formally as her master, in a wispy voice. “You’re a very formosus man beneath this barba. I like your face very much. It is has a strong amius virilus. Why do you cover it with hair?” She ran her hands lovingly across his half-shaved jaw. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Do not tell Dominor Plutonius I said this, but I would be pleased to be your ancilla and amatrix during your stay in Massilia.”
He smiled into Janni’s beautiful brown eyes. “I would be very pleased to have you as my amatrix.” His fingertips grazed the side of her soft arms. He had not had a lover in so long his body ached for one. “Are you one of a Plutonius’ favorites?”
Janni’s gaze dropped to the ground. Obviously she was.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” He reached upward and gently stroked the side of her face. “It must be awful.”
“It is.” Janni giggled but quickly gasped in alarm. “Please tell no one I said so.” She hurried to correct her admission.
He smiled and gently patted her shoulder. “Your secret’s safe. Tonight you are my favorite. I will enjoy having you as my amatrix very much.”
She smiled and continued with the task of shaving. She stood behind him as he sat. She provocatively pressed her full breasts against his back and tipped his chin upward to scrape his bushy black beard away. “Dominor,” she whispered in his ear. “You look ferocia but you speak kindly. I like that.” She bent down and brushed her lips gently across the top of his head. Her words were the softest whisper. “I was happy to be sent to you. I give myself to you willingly.”
A chill ran up his spine as she spoke. His chest tightened. True willingness amongst the servus was such a rarity. He knew Janni had no true choice. She had to submit and serve him. That she should offer this privilege meant so much. Willingness was a rare gift between dominor and servus and one he greatly preferred. Taking an unwilling ancilla was a misery for both parties. He knew some men preferred it but he did not. At this stage of his life, he refused to do it. He refused to take what was not offered. His thoughts wandered toward fantasies of thrusting his dolon between Janni’s willingly parted thighs. His pulse quickened. It was difficult to sit still. Great Jupiter, he couldn’t wait to be done with the grooming and move forward to the pleasure. A faint smile crossed his lips. “Janni, I turn myself over to you completely.” His head tipped back against the soft cushion of her breasts. He pressed against her bosom and gently rocked his head from side to side, luxuriating in the feeling. Her generous breasts felt wonderfully mollis and comforting. “Hurry.”
“Stop moving. I might cut you.” Janni lifted the steel novacula away from his throat. “You must sit still during the tondeo. Your barba is very thick and ferus.”
He couldn’t wait to see her naked. I’ve got something else to show you that’s thick and ferus. He grinned. He wished she would just hurry, but he allowed her to take her time and do a good job, knowing her handiwork would be judged carefully. Janni had been ordered by Columba to make him presentable to the dignitaries, and after spending eight years in Belgica, he knew she had a daunting task to perform. Janni was a well-trained and obedient ancilla. She performed her tasks perfectly. He was bathed, manicured and shaved. He did not have to correct her or ask for anything. She offered or acted before words even formed on his lips…
“Owned By Rome” by Katalina Leon, available  from Ellora’s Cave Legend Line.


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