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Sirens and Scales
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday "Blue Apples"!

Today is a special day for me. May 12th marks the first anniversary of my first ebook “Blue Apples” release. In many ways it feels like it was a million years ago because the e-industry moves so fast and I move so slowly. lol
This year has been challenging and the learning curve steep but I’ve loved having goals and other motivated friends and fellow authors to share them with. I’ll never forget the elation of getting that first book contract and I’m so grateful I didn’t know at the time what lay ahead… Harsh edits, rushed revisions, e-pirates, putting your ego aside for reviews and the looming reality that if you don’t promote your own ebook no one else will do it for you. The single biggest surprise was I thought I would get to choose my own book covers. Not so… At best e-authors are allowed to make suggestions and cross our fingers for luck.
I soon learned the truth that when you become an e-author you take on three daunting jobs: You’re a writer, you’re a PR firm and you’re a manager and creative director of your “brand”… and in your “spare” time you can work another job, run a household and take care of others. The glamour never ends. lol
“Blue Apples” was part of Ellora’s Cave “Succulent” series, which was themed on fruit and juicy succulent things. I chose to write a Sci-fi ménage featuring a highly intoxicating, aphrodisiac fruit “Azurpomia” aka “Blue Apples”. The story takes place in another galaxy on a desert planet with mountainous sand dunes, underground rivers and also on a wet misty planet inhabited solely by males that’s reminiscent of Scotland. The heroine is a redheaded warrioress and the heroes are a platinum-haired aristocratic Dom and his younger black-haired lover. All characters are big beautiful swords for hire. Was any of that on my book cover? No. I got a wholesome looking guy lying in a grassy city park in his underwear with a pick-nick basket full of fruit stacked in front of him… Oh well.
Blurb for Blue Apples:
Gala is an elite Captain of Dianndra’s guard and proud owner of a male harem. When she volunteers to go on a treacherous mission into enemy territory to steal aphrodisiac fruit and defy an ancient foe, she has no idea what this act of trespass will cost her.
Fate is calling. Lord Veren and his lover, Markeen, are gorgeous swords for hire, and warriors supreme. Like all Vertanians they are bigger, stronger, braver, and brighter, but they spawn only male children, and face a culture in decline. They need female companions. How fortunate for them when they discover a beautiful lust-intoxicated Dianndra wandering in their orchard.
 The warriors capture Gala and carry her into their fortress palace for a night of shared lust that may change two ancient cultures forever…
As many of you know by now I can’t resist a bad pun. I’ve got a Mac and I have a little blue apple icon on my computer screen-hence the story title. Gala is of course is one of my favorite varieties of apple and Gala sounded nice. I just couldn’t bring myself to name my heroine “Pink Lady”, “Fuji” or “Granny Smith”!
Happy Birthday Blue Apples, and thank you Ellora’s Cave!

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