Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Seriously Reviewed took "Owned By Rome" seriously!

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Historical Erotic Romance
Review: Owned by Rome is an epic tale of lust, love betrayal, and forgiveness. There were so many facets of the story, that as it unfolded, I forgot that I was supposed to be reading a romance and simply enjoyed the historical detail. The author does such a brilliant job of weaving fact, fiction and hypothesis, that I was swept into the story and believed every word I read. Some of the things I loved most about the story were also aspects that some readers might not enjoy as much as I did. The romance is often overshadowed by the historical details. But the historical details are interesting.

The first third of the book reveals most about Atellus. There is a lot of telling of events that had already occurred. There was a build up of a certain aspect of the story that wasn’t at all what I expected to happen. So lots of twists and turns in the plot. The history of Atellus was also interesting, but Owned By Rome at times, read more like literature and was harder to lose myself in the story. There is an abundant use of Latin in the story, but the use is not confusing because Ms. Leon weaves words with clarity and context.

Once the story really picks up, after Rutila is introduced, the romance of the story is bittersweet. They are both damaged souls and need each other. But the wounds inflicted during turbulent times fester in Rutila. Atellus is gentle and patient, but also has darker needs. Rutila must forgive herself for living before she can open herself to accept Atellus’ love. And Atellus has to free the one woman who fires his soul. She won’t be owned by a Roman. But if he lets her go, he may never have her again.

Reading Owned by Rome will take you on an emotional journey and in the end you’ll be glad you read the story.