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Sunday, August 1, 2010

TwoLips gave "Beautiful Stranger" 5 Kisses!

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Title: Beautiful Stranger
Author: Katalina Leon
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: May 22, 2010
ISBN: 9781419927287
Pages: 128
Series: N/A
Reviewer: LeAnn

Heat Level:  M/F - oral sex, masturbation, anal sex, light spanking

Lily Fontaine is turning forty-three!  What is she wishing for? After being divorced and alone for the last three years, Lily is getting lonely.  Working nights at the local television station and sleeping all day has left her social life lacking.  The thing she misses most is sex.  She just wants someone to have sex with, with no attachments afterwards. Lily comes up with the ultimate plan for her birthday sexcapade.  She is going to hire an escort and play all weekend. When the weekend is over, she will be satisfied and unattached. 
When Lily's best friend hears of her plans, she suggests a friend that she knows that lives in Lily’s home town of New Orleans.  Since Marion knows him and says he needs the money, Lily decides to return home and meet with David even though he is eleven years younger than her. 
Lily got her start in television on the local New Orleans station years ago and David has always had a crush on her.  So when Marion gets in touch with him and lets him know Lily is coming to town and needs to talk to him about a future production, he hopes he can get more than a talk from the beautiful woman. 
Marion has told them both different stories about why they are spending the weekend together, but they are both so attracted to each other they decide to go with it.  After a weekend of great, hot sex, will either be able to walk away?  Or will one weekend lead to a wonderful relationship? 
Katalina Leon, the author, must be from Louisiana, with her descriptive writing, she managed to bring to mind memories of a visit to New Orleans. I also loved the characters in this book.  They seem to be so compatible and made for each other.  Beautiful Stranger flowed from one scene to the next very smoothly and the love scenes were wonderful.  Ms. Leon was able to bring the true essence of a romance to life, starting with the meeting, the getting to know each other and the feelings developing, even if over such a short weekend.  How will they both react to those feelings?  I suggest you read this story to find out.  You won’t be disappointed!