Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
All Mermaids and Dragons Limited Edition Boxed Set

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ava At Romance Book Junikies Loved Claimed By Dragons

Oh my! This was one super sexy scorcher of a read, one that any paranormal erotic reader will surely feel its heat and enjoyment! There’s so much excitement, mystery and hot sex that you will find yourself sad to see come to its end. There’s M/M, M/M/F scenes and anal play that burn the pages and a touching story that a reader will never forget!

Jael is a woman that loves adventure and variety (yes, the spice of life). Her life changes once she pulls an odd stone from a wish bag at a witch’s shop when visiting along with friends in Salem. After listening to the loony shop owner tell her about her future lovers and what she must do to make her wish come true, she feels she’ll never find true love or be satisfied with any one man. But she learns otherwise once fate runs its course and ends up giving her EXACTLY what she not only wants, but needs.

Roarke and Kypton not only work together, are lovers and mystical dragon shifters; they also care for the same woman but cannot make their move until the time is just right! These two together are a perfect balance, one being all Alpha, domineering and strong, while the other is more quiet and shy. Both are incredibly hot (even out of the sheets), loving, caring and smart. When they find out their chance of finally having their mate is at its time, they will do anything to convince her to be theirs. To love, honor, cherish and control in the bedroom until the end of time.

There was a lot of “edge of your seat” circumstances, secrets, villains and trials that made it a hard book to put down for even a minute. Each character goes through some changes and growth as the story progresses. But my favorite part is the HEA. This is book 2 to the Bag of Tricks series, but is written as a stand alone read. I look forward to more from this writing duo; they sure know how to create some hot male characters and amazingly erotic sex scenes that leave you panting for more :)

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