Sirens and Scales

Sirens and Scales
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fictional Candy Loved The Taste of "Claimed By Dragons"


I was really drawn into this story from the beginning to the end.  It was nonstop action and drama, and I was glued to the pages.  And on top of all that, it was written by two authors, and I couldn't tell at all who wrote what.  They work awesomely together as a team, and whatever they did - they did right.

The concept that Jael was drawn to this dragon's egg stone, and the powers it had over her was fascinating.  The witch in Salem had told her she needed to bury the egg in order to find true love, but I was still a bit sad when she did decide to return it to nature.  I mean really, the egg had some serious keeping qualities!  But nonetheless, she returns it to nature and true to the witch's prophecy, she finds true love.

Roarke and Kypton, dragons.  I love dragons, and these two guys are definitely getting added to my dragon list.  Their names were not exactly my favorite part of the story; they felt a bit too made up for my tastes.  But the men behind them were fabulous.

Roarke is the alpha dragon; he is big and beautiful.  I really enjoyed him.  There were times he felt a bit whiney, and near the end there were definite times I didn't feel he acted like an alpha should.  With that being said, he was definitely acting like a man who'd lost the love of his life. I love his need to protect his mates, and the absolute love he showed for Kypton and Jael.

Kypton is the beta dragon; and he is sleek and fast.  He definitely seemed to take on the alpha role at times, and I think under different circumstances he could have really shown as an alpha.  Never the less, he was smart and cunning, he loved  Jael and Roarke with every fiber of his being and I loved him.

Jael, as a human, is a pretty good character.  I can only imagine how hard it must be to meet two dragons and then find out you are intended to be their mate.  I wish they had been honest with her about every detail right from the beginning, but then I guess it wouldn't be much of  a story without any drama.

The heat was terrific in this story.  For those of you looking for a straight up m/f/m menage story, you'd better look elsewhere.  The majority of this was m/m/f.  It was written very well, all love scenes were detailed perfectly yet very sensual.  These authors definitely have a talent for letting the emotion show through in a sex scene.

Overall, I am so happy I read this story.  The time it took flew by, and I would gladly read it again.

(Thank you Fictional Candy!)

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